INFINITE DARK #5 explores the Trauma of Survival

Infinite Dark, Top Cow, Comics, Science Fiction

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Infinite Dark, Top Cow, Comics, Science Fiction
Infinite Dark #5 – Out through Top Cow

Infinite Dark #5 holds the Reader’s Attention

Full transparency, I wasn’t a reader of INFINITE DARK before sitting down to write this review. That all changed though once the last page was turned. I was hooked. Top Cow Productions latest by writer Ryan Cady does what very few space-age titles can do: it holds my attention.

INFINITE DARK doesn’t come across as campy or paint by numbers as many comics do when set in this world. Ryan does a masterful job of creating a world that not only feels grounded and completely feasible but also he manages to get across the sense of dread looming about the ailing space station. Much more than simply throwing scientific words at the reader, Cady’s storytelling brings you into a high tech science fiction world with a gripping, emotional pull.

Infinite Dark, Top Cow, Comics, Science Fiction

Great Jumping On Point for New Readers

Issue #5 is a great jumping on point for new readers of the series. Playing out much like the first episode of a ‘Season 2’, INFINITE DARK #5 picks up with series protagonist Deva Karrell waking from weeks of unconsciousness after her last stand against the cosmic scavenger ENTITY, the creature responsible for the near destruction of the space station ORPHEUS.

Cady waves a masterful stroke as he portrays Deva’s trauma in the wake of disaster. I love the idea of a series building upon the fallout from confrontation and how the story’s inhabitants deal with ‘where do we go from here’ rather than simply jumping into the next big baddie. Whether intentional or otherwise, Cady has set up an opportunity to use Karrell to explore PTSD. Something I really hope he continues to flesh out.

Infinite Dark, Top Cow, Comics, Science Fiction

A Brand New World of Space and Unrest

The sense of foreboding and unrest comes across beautifully as Deva tries to reclaim her sense of self in the midst of civil unrest and distrust from not only the citizens of the ailing space station but also her coworkers and confidants. While the Orpheus was very close to destruction, many onboard believe Karrell is at fault and not some supposed space creature. Deva takes matters into her own hands. Setting out to prove to everyone, but more importantly herself, she hasn’t gone mad. And that the threat may very well still be real.

INFINITE DARK #5 does a great job of grabbing new readers and pulling them into the world. The issue rides the line of recap story as well as setting up the entire next arc. There is a lot to accomplish these 22 pages but Cady and Co. definitely execute.

Infinite Dark, Top Cow, Comics, Science Fiction

The art of Andrea Mutti and color of K. Michael Russell bring the sci-fi world to life. The duo makes you feel the bleakness of space but also bring a gloomy warmth to the cold expanse. I was drawn to the characters naturally and each displayed their own visual personality throughout the course of the issue. Keeping a reader enthralled without capes and cowls is a gift in my opinion. Something not many artists can pull off. The sky most certainly is the limit for this creative team and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.


Overall, I very much enjoyed this issue. Enough to go back and grab the previous issues as well as look forward to future ones. While there was a lot of ground to cover in this issue it never felt like an exposition dump. Never did I feel that I ‘had to be here’ while reading INFINITE DARK #5. I wasn’t just waiting for the next big action scene. The only negative I can offer on the issue rests purely on my shoulders as a brand new reader to this series and world. I can only imagine how this issue reads to someone already a fan of INFINITE DARK.

You can pick up your copy of Infinite Dark #5 directly from Top Cow, Comixology or your local comic book store.


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