Ghosted in L.A. #s 11 and 12-Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

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Ghosted in L.A. #s 11 and 12-Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

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Ghosted in L.A. #11 - Comics by comiXology

The End is Here

It’s never easy every time something you really enjoy ends. Whether it was intended like Breaking Bad or cancelled like Constantine, you always want to see more regardless.

With issues 11 and 12 of Ghosted in L.A., the end to such an incredible series has come and despite how short it was, we at least got something incredible. Sure, it could have lasted longer, but Sina Grace got to tell a story he worked really hard on. Besides, there could be followups or sequels one day. Ghosted in L.A. #12 eBook: Grace, Sina, Keenan, Siobhan,  Keenan, Siobhan, Le, Cathy: Kindle Store

Disrupted Plans

Issue 11 starts out with a flashback, early in Agi’s life in the 1920s. Setting up everything in Rycroft, a ghost of a woman who died waiting for a man she loved surprises her. The ghost sees something different in Agi due to how she talks about Rycroft. Agi promises to give her company, making the ghost agree to let her stay.

In the present, Michelle throws holy water at Zola, which passes through her, before then using a knife she stole from the library. Surprisingly, the knife seems to actually have an affect on Zola.

At the same time, Daphne and Ronnie are at his Queer Party and she’s introduced to his other Queer Group friends. While trying to be supportive, Daphne is too worried about the ghosts to enjoy it and Ronnie convinces her that she should go check on them.

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The Entity

Back at Rycroft, the other ghosts use the key and get the door open, unleashing a wave of energy that blasts them out of the basement. Although Agi is out, so is a dark entity that turns out to be the ghost she met in the ‘20s, now corrupted into a dark husk. Afraid of her plans changing, Agi went to the magic shop to use a spell to hide her.

It worked, but bounded the ghost to Rycroft and caused the other ghosts to appear and be stuck there. Now that she’s free, the entity wants to destroy Agi and the others. As the other ghosts fight it, Michelle attacks Daphne with the knife.

Agi realizes that the only way to defeat the corrupted ghost is to destroy her brooch. Once Daphne takes the knife from Michelle, Agi tells her to stab the brooch between the entity. Doing so not only destroys the entity, but also causes Agi to fade away. When Ricky sees Michelle leaving, he goes after her and is surprised that he’s able to leave Rycroft.

Ghosted in L.A. (2019-) Chapter 12 - Page 3

Time Passes

The last issue begins with a flashback to the day before the fight with Kristi. Daphne keeps calling Ronnie, who is with a color guard teammate as he starts noticing his true feelings. As Daphne packs, she finds a folder with drawings she did from when she was younger, dismissing them as childish.

Some time after the entity’s defeat and Agi’s fading, Ronnie wants to move into Rycroft. Shirley agrees to it so that they can have someone to take care of the place as he and Bernard reconcile.

Back at college, Daphne figures out what she wants to do and changes her major for animation, needing to submit a project to qualify. Meanwhile, Zola and Ricky return to Rycroft after attempting to contact their families. Zola saw that her parents, while saddened, had accepted her death while Ricky was too afraid to approach them.

Soon after, the wisp that appeared to Michelle before suddenly appears in Rycroft. The ghosts think it’s what’s left of Maurice and once Daphne arrives, it starts to follow her. Daphne leads it to the basement and right into the basement door, closing it and keeping the wisp inside.

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Inspired Project

With Agi gone, Daphne has to convince Harold Palmer to give her Rycroft’s ownership. She initially pretends to be a relative of Agi before admitting to the truth. Harold agrees to give Daphne the property rights and asks what happened to Agi.

At the same time, Zola visits Michelle who encourages her due to having similar backgrounds. When everyone at Rycroft celebrates Daphne’s ownership and Shirley being the new leader, Pam announces that she wants to explore outside of L.A..

A few days later, Daphne and Kristi reconcile as they talk over the phone. It all ends with Daphne revealing what her submission will be centered on: the ghosts of Rycroft.

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Road to a Wonderful End

Having just 12 issues, Ghosted in L.A. was an incredible and fun series, with the last two providing an unforgettable ending. Sina’s writing combined with his and Siobhan Keenan’s artwork, Cathy Le’s coloring, and DC Hopkins’s lettering all work together to give readers something very exceptional.

For the past year, readers got to see Daphne grow from such a timid character not really knowing what she wanted to a strong willed woman who now knows what she wants to do with her life. The same goes for the ghosts, especially with Agi’s sacrifice and Zola becoming more open. Even with some odd character reactions, the artwork up until the end remained striking, detailed, and gorgeous.

Ghosted in L.A. #s 11 and 12-Saying Goodbye is Never Easy 2

Some Rushed Stuff

However, while the writing never disappointed, it wasn’t all perfect for issues 11 and 12. Mainly in how rushed some stuff was, like what the entity was or Daphne’s decision to enroll in animation that could have been elaborated on earlier.

Something especially prevalent is that some things occurred off screen in between the last two issues. Though a small time skip, we never see the ghosts’ reaction to being able to leave Rycroft or how Zola became close with Michelle.

But in the end, if you started this series with high hopes, then the last two will not disappoint you.

You can read the last two issues of Ghosted in L.A. through Amazon and your local comic book store.

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