[REVIEW] Artema: The Beast Slices Open Kickstarter Goals

Artema, The Beast, Minamalist, Fantasy, Feminism
Alone in the world of Artema : The Beast

Artema: The Beast tells the story of the fictional feminist trailblazing fem-warrior of its namesake. In this second issue, Artema plays out her refusal to be bound by the rules of her culture.

Out of the minds of writer Rachel Cholst and Artist/Illustrator Angela Boyle. The pair spend less time world building the fictional empire of the Chengol. Instead focusing on the character development of Artema and her fellow compatriots.

Artema, The Beast, Minamalist, Fantasy, Feminism
Cutting a swath through the Chengol Empire

World Building is Key

Artema is a multi-layered individual. She has opted for a sort-of self exile. A self imposed exile come about by her self destructive tendencies. Her need to question authority and thumb her nose at the traditions of the Koma’i. Her faults and strengths take centre stage as much as the gory tones of the execution of a Chengol squadron.

Aptly subtitled “The Beast.” The Beast truly is unleashed at the expense of the antagonists, the Chengol. Despite the savagery and barren landscapes, this is a journey of Artema’s own self discovery. How she grows and adapts to each given situation.

Artema: The Beast required a second read. There are no easy segways with each scene. More author narration would’ve made for a smoother flow between each panel. Despite this, Boyle’s refreshingly minimalist approach to her art does give Cholst’s dialogue room to breath. The story is the MVP here while the characters are merely recurring players.

Artema, The Beast, Minamalist, Fantasy, Feminism
To war!

Artema unlocks Kickstarter Stretch Goals

The restraint of expression is an ongoing theme that surfaces in this issue. After the ongoing motif of sticking it to the patriarchy in issue #1 we find the lead protagonist accepting of her lot in life. While still intent to express her own sense of individualism. The irony being that she relies on the traditions and warrior training of her people to solve her problems.

Having hit their Kickstarter goal, creators Cholst and Boyle are now enjoying the cream that comes with unlocking their stretch goals. More zine than comic, Artema: The Beast is a safe investment for any comic book fan after a new universe with a minimalist approach.

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