TUROK #3 – Revealed Mysteries Lead To More Mystery

TUROK #3 - Revealed Mysteries Lead To More Mystery 1

Who the Hell Are You?

Turok #3 solves a few mysteries from the first two issues. But it answers those with a few more. There a woman from the “future” at the end of issue #2. She seems to be the answer to this portal and these dinosaurs. But now there’s another figure. And it doesn’t look like he’s going to help Turok.

The new guy is a gunslinger. His black trenchcoat is more like a poncho. And his wide-brimmed hat looks more like what an Australian hunter would wear. Yet, the interesting thing about him is his weapon of choice. As he draws a magnum revolver, pink energy blasts the face off an Allosaurus. What’s left is a dripping skull.

The Modern Woman

We may have to wait until another issue to figure out what this gunslinger is about. But we do figure out what’s going on with the modern woman. When Turok, his brother Andar, and the cowboy soldiers were attacked by cavemen, she appeared at last issue’s cliffhanger. After the prologue with the gunslinger, we are brought right into the action.

“Where the hell did you come from?” The muttonchop leader of the cowboy soldiers asks her. In which, she responds, “That’s funny…I was going to ask you the same thing.”

She brings them to a cave to escape the cavemen. There is where the secrets begin to unfold. We are refreshed by what we already knew. Captain Samuel “Muttonchops” Conners and his men were a cavalry detachment from the United States Army. They were assigned to Colorado. Of course, they were assigned to retrieve Turok and Andar.

But things really get interesting when they exchange their home years. The cowboys and Indians are from 1873. And the woman is from 2019. Sarah Nathaniel was a Paleontologist from the University of Colorado. She slipped into her portal while on a fossil dig. She’d been in, what she deemed the “Lost Valley,” for a year now.

Pyramid of Crystal

When Turok notices a cave painting that looks oddly like a pyramid, they pack their things and embark on another journey. Two days later, back through the cavemen and a stampede of stegosauruses, they approach a pyramid of crystal.

Never seen no building like this. And I was in New York City once,” says one of the cowboys. Turok claims there’s something in the air that he doesn’t like. And the pyramid feels like it’s alive.

So finally, we’re getting somewhere. The issues before had me scratching my head. Now, we finally see what’s going on with this portal. This was another great example of time-travel. But it’s like this is a dumpling place for all of time. I’m curious to see we’ll go next with the gunslinger and possibly an alien.

How did I rate Turok #3 from Dynamite Entertainment? 5 out of 6 sodas. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.