Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 – Unexpected Threats

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 - Unexpected Threats 1

After the ending to the last issue, I expected an epic and amazing fight between Jason and Lord Zedd after months of build up and terrible schemes on the villains part. Though the two have a fierce battle, it was short as to not overshadow the actual plot that’s been building up during this period.

This issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers begins in the middle of the Omega Rangers assault on Lord Zedd’s moon base. Kiya, Zack and Trini go about their business, fighting off Putties, other unnamed monsters and Goldar while Jason takes the fight directly to Lord Zedd himself. 

This opening is amazingly action packed thanks to Daniele di Nicuolo’s stylish art made even better by Walter Baiamonte’s vibrant and often bright colors. Kiya spins, stabs and throws monsters off of the moon while generating her own streak of Teal grace. Baboo and Squatt initially think of joining the fight, but after seeing her skills, they decide to stay hidden.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 - Unexpected Threats 2

Zack, meanwhile, confronts Goldar and easily sends him retreating after disarming him. Trini fights off some of Finster’s unfinished monsters by sending them crashing through a wall. Zordon is alerted to the disturbance on the moon by Alpha-5 and immediately knows that Zedd is under attack, presuming the Omega Rangers to be responsible. 

The fight between Jason and Zedd starts off in an epic way as they clash swords, Zedd appreciating Jason’s strength, but still noting that he’s far weaker than him. Unfortunately for Zedd, Jason was never alone as the rest of the Omega Rangers show up soon after, allowing Jason the opportunity to call his zord, crushing Lord Zedd, but not killing him.

The Earth Rangers arrive on the scene soon after his defeat and Kiya immediately springs in to attacks Tommy, believing him to be Lord Drakkon, before Trini stops her with the quickness. This causes a bit of tension between the teams of Rangers, especially because the Earth Rangers don’t know who the Omega Rangers are or how they defeated Lord Zedd on their own.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 - Unexpected Threats 3

Things calm down and Lord Zedd is teleported to the Omega Vault while Jason goes to speak with Zordon. While Zordon congratulates the Red Omega Ranger on his success, he then chastises him for likely making a void that someone even more dangerous might fill in Zedd’s new absence. 

The first seeds of this are planted when we pick up with the escaped bad guys. Baboo, Squatt and Finster managed to escape just outside of Angel Grove and hide, waiting and deciding what to do next. Squatt wonders if they should contact Master Vile, Rita Repulsa’s villainous father, but Baboo replies that he’d only torture them for their failure.

Goldar, however, has other plans as he manages to escape with Lord Zedd’s staff. I do applaud the series for its entire run and the Pink Ranger mini-series for continuing to try to make Goldar seem like a more credible threat than he ever was with his terrible voice in the series. I can foresee whatever his plot is being expanded upon in future issues or after Necessary Evil.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 - Unexpected Threats 4

Jason, tired after the intense battle and tense talk with Zordon, is stopped by Tommy, not recognizing his friend. Tommy’s particular storyline is advanced as he still doesn’t feel like he’s up to the challenge of leading the new Rangers and thanks the Red Omega Ranger for helping them out recently. Jason tells Tommy that maybe he was left in charge because the old leader knew he’d do well.

Unfortunately, Tommy says that his inability to stop Zordon disagrees before Jason teleports away. Elsewhere, Kiya, suffering from PTSD from the old timeline, argues with Emissary about letting Tommy live. She believes that he could snap and become Lord Drakkon at any moment, but Emissary tries to assure her that in every other timeline Tommy is a hero and Drakkon was an anomaly.

However, this isn’t enough for her. Over the course of Necessary Evil we’ve been learning more and more about Kiya and how gaining Morphin Powers has affected her. We’ve learned about how Drakkon murdered her parents and how she herself has killed before. Obviously seeing a living Tommy Oliver triggered bad memories and she finally goes over the deep end.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 - Unexpected Threats 5

This scene is absolutely gorgeous to look at. Baiamonte’s use of vibrant colors with the backgrounds, Kiya’s purple skin and the various changing faces of Emissary make this all the more dynamic. For a lot of it, Kiya is shown with shadows with her facial expressions shown to be getting angrier and angrier.

As soon as Emissary turns his back and reaffirms that their mission is to protect the universe, Kiya stabs him in the back with her spear. She’s lost faith in Emissary and believes him to be the enemy, someone that she has to protect the universe from because he won’t do anything about Tommy, but she can.

Remember way back in an earlier issue of Go Go Power Rangers where Jason saw three figures cresting up on a hill after he defeated Drakkon? Well, apparently, other than Dayne, Garrison Vox and Cavotus, there was one more figure amongst them. As Emissary crumbles to dust, he sees that Kiya was one of the shadowed figures and her new mission is created: No More Rangers.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 - Unexpected Threats 6

This issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was absolutely amazing As always Ryan Parrott has done so much to expand on the mythos in a great way, Di Nicuolo and Baiamonte absolutely slayed on the art and I can’t say how pumped I am for the next issue.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 - Unexpected Threats 7

What do we rate this? Five Sodas out of Six! You can buy this on ComiXology or at your local comic book store!