Our Mates at MAD CAVE STUDIOS’ Announce Staff Promotions and New Hires

Our Mates at MAD CAVE STUDIOS' Announce Staff Promotions and New Hires 1

Industry Announcement

Our mates over at Mad Cave Studios are going through a staffing reshuffle. While the words staffing reshuffle might instil an air of nervousness – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Mad Cave Studios are continuing to hit their stride as one of those break comic book publishing companies of original content.

Mad Cave Studios has annouced four changes across the company. The restructuring spans its Operations, Creative, and Sales divisions. The changes and promotions include Giovanna (Gio) T. Orozco as Vice President of Operations, Chris Fernandez as Publisher, Chris Sanchez as Editor-in-Chief, and Manuel Castellanos as Director of Sales and Retailer Relations.

Mad Cave Studios staff promotions and shuffling

Staff Promotions

Gio T. Orozco had previously been the Editor-in-Chief and oversaw production, and will now impact operations on a larger scale. Chris Fernandez had previously acted as CSO, however, with the Mad Cave Studios ’ library continuing to expand to newer and bolder projects, there
existed a greater need for a guiding hand across the more pressing publishers’ demands. Prior to becoming E.I.C, Chris Sanchez was managing editor for Mad Cave (he even wrote a couple articles for this very website. Congrats Chris).

Chris Sanchez will also head an editorial team consisting of Steenz ( Rolled and Told ), Michael Moccio ( Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid ), and Erica Schultz ( The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast ), all of whom plan to shepherd the Mad Cave line into more ambitious heights.

Mad Cave Studios staff promotions and shuffling

Mad Cave Studios have told us that the internal structuring at Mad Cave Studios comes at a time during a period of immense growth and shift in the company’s future initiatives. In 2019 alone, Mad Cave Studios debuted 5 new IPs and hired a team of six new creators through its annual talent search to work on future properties.

Mad Cave has been working with Diamond for almost two years and it debuted its publishing efforts with four IP’s per year and now has the plan to maintain a solid production of 10-12 mini-series per year. The changes ensure a structure is in place that will oversee an important 2020 at Mad Cave Studios.

Check out their upcoming projects at Mad Cave Studios.