[NEWS] Netflix teases its first Millarworld Comic Book

The Magic Order Netflix Mark Millar

When Netflix bought the rights to Mark Millar’s Millarworld company for a tidy sum, the Entertainment industry was in shock.

For those unfamiliar with Mark Millar, original properties like Kick Ass, Wanted and The Kingsmen should set off a few lightbulbs. But it’s working on Marvel titles such as Wolverine: Old Man Logan and Civil War, where so many of the now Millarworld fans first converted. Netflix had plans to double Mark Millar’s properties on the streaming service but with little further information released.

Earlier today Netflix released a trailer for The Magic Order, the first comic spearheaded by the streaming platform — or as Netflix’s US Twitter account called it, “baby’s first comic book.” The six-issue miniseries, which will be published by Image Comics, written by Mark Millar.

The Magic Order depicts five families of magicians who secretly protect the world from evil forces, is slated to arrive in comic book shops on June 13th. Taking cue from the Millarworld playbook, the first issue will ONLY have first print copies available. NO second print copies will be on offer.

Millar said in an interview, “Tonally, it’s actually closer to The Sopranos in that it’s about a patriarch in an underworld family and his concerns about his children. King Lear is the basic structure, if that doesn’t sound too pompous, but with magic wands. And it’s dirty. It opens with a shagging scene, so you immediately know this isn’t Hogwarts.”

Reportedly, 140000 copies of the first issue have already been order. Compare that to the industry average of 100000 per each new release. It’s a good day to be Marc Millar and his Netflix overlords.

Stay tuned.