Batwoman #18

Batwoman #18

Batwoman #18 acts as a way for Kate Kane to search her past as she confronts her own personal demons

Batwoman 2017 has finally come to its end this month after a myriad of twist and turns. It might have been unclear how exactly this would happen but in this issue, she comes face to face with the king of clocks himsel, William Tockman. To truly beat him she must confront her troubled past and her potential futures. Not only is she exploring her own life but asking the reader to explore theirs.

Batwoman #18 acts as a way for her to search her past as she confronts her own personal demons as well as dealing with the villain, his robotic minions and the drug Kario. The drug that allows criminals to see into the future and if their dirty deeds will be successful. Fernando Blanco fills entire pages with amazing scenes of Batwoman’s past and future. Helping to visualise the story that Marquette Bennett has so masterfully created. A story that sends Batwoman on a journey of self-exploration, helping her not only understand what it means to be herself but also the hero she has become. I haven’t seen story and art so well blended in a comic book for a very long time and the result is amazing. Marquette Bennet’s understanding of Kate Kane is unmatched and even though this is a final, it feels like just a small stepping stone in a much grander story. One I hope to see more from very soon.

Batwoman has never been better.

Whilst I love this comic book, I think in places there is too much going on but its never too overwhelming. In certain places, the writing is self-aware with Batwoman saying one of those cheesy hero phrases. While old flame Renee Montoya telling her exactly how bad it was. It’s refreshing and helps you understand their connection as she delves into her past.

Ruby Rose announced to star as Batwoman in upcoming CW Series

Batwoman #18 is one of those books where the story of the hero and villain takes a back seat in favour of a greater story. One that we could all learn from. Don’t dwell on the past, don’t worry about the future. Just be in the present because its where you will always be. I seriously hope this style of storytelling comes into the planned CW series. Batwoman has never been better. I hope more people come onboard with Batwoman because if you haven’t checked this out already you should be.

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