Chris Pine Chris Hemsworth Ditch Star Trek

It’s been a while since we had Star Trek Beyond and we may be waiting a little while longer for the next instalment with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth reportedly backing out over pay.

Star Trek 4 was set to be a time travel adventure with Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk travelling back to meet his father, George Kirk, who was briefly played by Hemsworth in Star Trek 2009. The news originally coming from The Hollywood Reporter comes only a month after Simon Pegg announced production on the movie had begun to ramp up. It has even been rumoured Paramount was waiting for the leading pair to accept the supposedly forced pay cuts before approaching Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg to negotiate even more savings.

Why would Paramount risk such a drastic move? They have stated Star Trek 4 will go ahead despite Pine and Hemsworth walking away. Can you even have the Kelvin universe without Chris Pine as Kirk? We have seen his character development from a gung-ho cadet, into a captain that learns the value of his crew to a man more reminiscent of the Kirk from The Original Series. For me, the movies would lose something without Pine. If I was Paramount I would just pay the bill. Some have also said that Pine and Hemsworth may be getting too big for their boots riding too high on the DC and Marvel fame to even consider a pay drop but Pine has signed for at least 4 Star Trek movies since the beginning so a walk out in Pine’s position must mean Paramount have changed their stance on the movies over the years.

Picard returns to Star Trek

In better Star Trek news though and without a doubt the best entertainment news in years, Patrick Stewart is leaving the world of X-men and returning to The Next Generation. Announcing the news in an emotional speech at Star Trek Las Vegas, Stewart talked about not only his return but the impact that his character has had on millions of fans. He goes on to say throughout the announcement his series, coming in 2019, will be something vastly different than anything you have seen before whilst keeping the spirit of Star Trek alive. This new series with CBS will take place 20 years after Star Trek Nemesis and honestly, I can’t wait to see what has happened to my favourite Starfleet Captain, that’s if he even comes back as a Captain. There’s not much to say about the new series yet so be sure to keep an eye on the blog because I’m sure to be talking about it.

Big questions need to be answered. Patrick Stewart left Star Trek way back in 2002 saying, during his speech, that although he will always be proud of his time in Star Trek he felt that Picard was becoming all he was. Stating during an audition he was asked, “why a director would want Captain Picard in his movie?” and at that point he released – enough was enough. Making his return to Star Trek TNG all the more triumphant.

Picard Makes His Triumphant Return