[NEWS] Local Proctologist Caught Streaming Iron Fist Teaser Trailer

[NEWS] Local Proctologist Caught Streaming Iron Fist Teaser Trailer 1

A local Proctologist has been caught red handed streaming the Teaser Trailer for Iron Fist Season 2. A show he thought was a reference to ‘something else.’

Brian Gani, 42, a local Proctologist and pillar of the Sydney Hills district community has been caught streaming the Season Two Teaser Trailer for Netflix’s IRON FIST. It’s reported Gani, looking to make ‘fair use’ of his brand new NBN connection, turned up to his specialist day surgery at roughly 6:45pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday evening.

Upon arrival to the premises, Gani wasted no time in making use of his internet connection at the Castle Hill surgery. It is noted at this time that his arrival to the surgery was after hours. Unbeknownst to Gani at this time his secretary, also present at the surgery, was taking care of some unfinished tasks for the past week.

Gani, looking to take care of some “unfinished business,” took to his office laptop and began googling. Roughly twenty minutes later his secretary found him, office door jar, pants on the floor streaming the Teaser Trailer of Iron Fist – Season Two. Screaming with what Gani has since been quoted as calling “unreasonable hysterics,” his secretary ran out of the room.

Sharon (surname retracted), 53, was found in tears outside the surgery later that evening. “You think you know when you work with someone for over ten years. I’ve been through the highs and lows of staff turnover with Doctor Gani. We even had one of her admin girls pass away last year. But this is the breaking point. I just can’t work for someone who thinks Finn Jones is a good actor. I just can’t look at Brian the same way. I’ll be putting in my notice on Monday.”

Fisting jokes aside, Gani has been in contact with this publication by email. Citing an overwhelming addiction to Colorectal examination pornography as the main cause. Promising to exercise professional restraint in the future, Doctor Gani still thinks the blame should lie with the creators of the show and not a medical professional. It’s clear that Iron Fist is a  show the Doctor believed to be ‘something else.’

He has since cancelled his Netflix and Fetlife subscriptions.