KICKSTARTER KORNER – Blood Force Trauma Over 50% Funded

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Blood Force Trauma is the name of Edgy City’s most popular fighting TV show. It’s also the name of the latest project to surface on Kickstarter.

Blood Force Trauma follows the usual futuristic or alternate earth tropes where bloodsport is a televised event. What differs here is BFT draws combative opponents across multiple dimenions.

The story’s protaganist, Zap Daniels, is an unwilling participant drafted into the Blood Force Trauma event. More brains than braun, Zap is forced to use his intelligence and gile, to survive the oncoming storm of bloodletting thrown his way.

The comic is set in an 80s neon-cyberpunk world filled with wacky characters all too familiar. Although, to some X-Men fans, the storyline might resemble something out of the Mojoverse. Blood Force Trauma draws more on combative video games of our childhood. Street Fighter, Mega Man, Metroid, etc. All the similarities are there.

At time of writing, Blood Force Trauma’s kickstarter has raised over $9,000 AUD of its $14.2K goal. The book will be 70 pages in total! With the promise of an additional 10 story pages added for each additional $1K over the funding target.

The money will go to printing the physical release and postage.

To check out the Kickstarter simply click on any of the Art in this article.


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