Internet says No to Ruby Rose as Batwoman, Keith from Australia says “Yeah, nah ay”


Internet says No to Ruby Rose as Batwoman, Keith from Australia says "Yeah, nah ay" 1

Ruby Rose, Australian actress known for Orange is the New Black and Pitch Perfect, has been cast to play Batwoman.

Rose’s character will make her debut in The CW’s annual DC superhero crossover event between their four main properties: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Reports from this year’s San Diego Comic Con have come in confirming this will be followed up with Batwoman getting her own show. Not much more is known on this issue.

Batwoman (aka Katherine Kane), the modern day incarnation, is the highest profile openly gay character in the DC universe. While her sexual orientation does in no way overshadow her character’s biography. The Batwoman character has drawn criticism and praise in the pages of the post-Infinite Crisis era of DC. If Batman is the Detective of the DC comic powerhouse – Batwoman would be the assassin. Often cold and calculating, her accomplishments to date include the assassination of Tahlia Al Ghul and taking down the infamous organisation Spyral. It’s unlikely The CW are going to follow Grant Morrison’s reinvention of the character. It’s more likely Greg Berlanti and Co will reinvent her from the ground up, to suit the Arrowverse.

In typical mob mentality, the internet has already hit out with several fans on the CBR facebook page voicing their disapproval.

I caught up with self proclaimed nerd and middle aged Paddington resident, Keith, at Kings Cross Hotel who voiced his glowing rage over a pint of $15 Tooheys New:

“What? What was that?”

He yelled, over the dissonant sound of the ‘cultured’ bogan class and feature-less Pokie machines.

He continued on,

“was she the one on that bloody singing movie?”

“Oh yeah. Her. I’m not homophobic or nothin’ mate but… Yeah nah ay. Not my Bat-chick.”

Clearly, the voice of the nation. I left local Aussie Keith to his ‘sickie’ so that he could get on with his tenth beer and fashionably correct combination of pluggers and Bing Tang singlet.

Australia has spoken.