Crowded #2 Turns Up the Plot.

Crowded #2 Turns Up the Plot. 1

Crowded #2

Release: September, 2018
Writer: Christopher Sebela
Penciller: Ro Stein
Inks: Ted Brandt
Colorist: Triona Farrell
Letterer: Cardinal Rae
Publisher: Image Comics

Comic Rating: 4.5 Sodas

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In my review of Crowded #1, I stated the following opinions of Charlie and Vita:

-Charlie is not very forthcoming on details as to why the campaign was opened up on her.
-Vita is an inexperienced bodyguard looking for the “Big One” to propel her career to the top.

In reading Crowed #2, I discovered that I was partially correct and partially wrong on both characters.

Vita is quite capable at her job

Crowded #2 Turns Up the Plot. 2

We open Issue #2 from the end of Issue #1, where a gang of 20-somethings storm Vita’s safe house to kill Charlie. Vita, in turn, proceeds to whoop every single one of their asses. She takes great pains not to kill them, though unfortunately as you see above she isn’t above using lethal options when necessary. Its caused me to revise my opinion of her. This, plus the insight into why she has such an old house to begin with, leads me to believe that her story of “People I’ve protected don’t like me because Im not flashy” might actually hold water. Future issues will show whether or not this continues to be the case.

Charlie, while oblivious to why, definitely had the campaign coming.

In the first issue when meeting Charlie, she seemed like a normal “Gig” worker. Everything by cellphone, working multiple jobs for money, always on the move for something. It was difficult to imagine why so many people would pay as much as they have to see her dead.

All of that flies out the window in this issue. While she isn’t “bad” or “evil” as defined in the dictionary, she is most certainly manipulative. She is absolutely comfortable with using her plethora of connections to get where she wants to go, get what she wants to get, and if things don’t go her way? Or, to put it another one, if she finds an individual that donated to that campaign?

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Crowded #2 Turns Up the Plot. 3

This individual in the picture was only roughed up, but it goes to show that Charlie is perfectly willing to get physical when confronting someone on the list.

All and all Crowded #2 is a solid read. Good pacing, lots of action, and a nice solid chunk of plot to chew on to allow us the reader to get to know these characters more. I did mark it down half a can of Soda because there was a bit too much plot development, but the end of Issue #2 looks to really go to town with some very….”exotic” looking assassins.

4.5 Sodas!