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The Resistants – One shot

The Resistants : The Broadcast Offensive #1

Takeo Corporate-State, commits all kinds of humanitarian atrocities against its downtrodden and often impoverished citizens. The only thing standing in their way is The Resistants. A small elite group of alien refugees lead by Interval that helps protect the innocent. Fighting for their rights and helping them the only way she knows how through battle. However, recently the team’s efforts have become more dangerous and less fruitful so they must do everything they can to keep their aid group alive.

The book opens with a news report that helps establish the world of The Resistants. The oppressive Takeo State’s stocks are rising as a result of allegations that a rival state may be funding the “terrorist” Resistant team. The reporter speaks to the chief politician of Takeo state, offering damning data of the allegations revealing a loop of propaganda. The interview goes on when suddenly breaking news, the Resistants, are currently fighting in the streets. As the news is revealed Adam, the groups mechanic bursts through the screen. I have to say the newsreel is exactly what you need for establishing the world and help you get a glimpse of what goes on day by day here.  The dystopia might not always be easy to see.

Written and lettered by K.J Kaminski with artwork by Gen 13 Artist, Jason Johnson, The Resistants is set in a world that is viciously oppressed.

The Resistants

There are some intense firefights early on and whilst the character design could be considered slightly generic with the enemies being your standard faceless soldiers. The colouring is fantastic and really makes the characters and the panels pop, that is until you’re looking at the bad guys. Interval, clearly the MVP and team leader, is a great character. I think her story arm throughout future issues will be interesting as she seeks to suppress her guilt and possibly atone for it, but her teammates might not hold water. They often repeat themselves during actions scenes with either Adam falling over and being asked if he’s okay or Melee (The Acrobatic thief) stating they should lay low for a while, but this is the first issue.

One thing I do like though is how Kaminski has included descriptions of both the team members and their enemies. You may see it a lot but it always takes me back to the when you used to get little booklets in video games, filling out that little bit of (comic) lore.

If you want to know more about the comic and the other issues head over to Big Blue Comics. Alternatively you can check out their Kickstarter at where they are trying to fund a Solo comic. For the character Kestral, the Resistants weapons specialist.