Dynamite Entertainment Reveals Bettie Page & Mars Attacks Variants – ON SALE TOMORROW

Bettie Page, Mars Attacks, Game of Thrones, Fallout, Xena, Project Superpowers, Dejah Thoris,

Bettie Page Vol 2 available tomorrow direct from Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment, home of veritable classics like Bettie Page, Xena, Mars Attacks & Red Sonja has revealed their latest releases. Choose from a diverse smorgasbord of comic titles, in time for Thanksgiving, from BETTIE PAGE, MARS ATTACKS, XENA plus loads more. We’ve included a brief and issue covers of these soon-to-be-released gems. Enjoy!


Writer: David Avallone  Art: Julius Ohta
The brand-new Queen of England has mysteriously vanished, and British Intelligence needs a helping hand from the world’s greatest model spy! Can Bettie the First find Elizabeth the Second before the news gets out and panics all of Great Britain? Are UFOs involved? David Avallone (Elvira: Mistress of the Dark) and Julius Ohta (Sherlock Holmes) show you all the stuff they cut out of the THE CROWN, as Bettie returns in THE PRINCESS AND THE PINUP!
BettiePage201800101011ARoyl.jpg  BettiePage201800101021BChan.jpg  BettiePage201800101031CWill.jpg
A                                           B                                            C
Cover A: John Royle / Cover B: Scott Chantler / Cover C: David Williams
  BettiePage201800101041DOhta.jpg  BettiePage201800101051EPhot.jpg
             D                                                            E              
Cover D: Julius Ohta / Cover E: Photo Cover
Writer: David Avallone  Art: Julius Ohta
After a bunch of Martians come along and ruin everyone’s day (and planet), Spencer and the Major find themselves a bunch of second amendment lovin’ boys who ain’t afraid of no spacemen! But maybe safety isn’t as guaranteed as one would like when flying saucers and laser pistols are involved…?
MarsAttacks00202011AHenders.jpg  MarsAttacks00202021BColeman.jpg  MarsAttacks00202031CMarron.jpg 2
A                                                         B                                                          C
Cover A: Erica Henderson / Cover B: Ruair Coleman / Cover C: Eoin Marron
  MarsAttacks00202041DHack.jpg  MarsAttacks00202051ESchweiz.jpg
                D                                                          E              
Cover D: Robert Hack / Cover E Subscription: Chris Schweizer
Writer: Rob Williams   Art: Sergio Davila
Pandora’s army is here. The Earth is defenseless, and war has arrived. Scarab, in Earth orbit, faces the might of the invaders firsthand, while Samson attempts to hold back an overwhelming force alone. Meanwhile, at the hospital bed of a wounded child, Black Terror must hold the line against horrifically transformed The Death-Defying Devil. Pandora wants the girl Imani dead. But why?
Cover A: Francesco Mattina
XENA #10
Writer: Erica Schultz   Art: Vicente Cifuentes
How far will Sevdis go to fulfill her obsession of Xena and Gabrielle? Will she…KILL them? As Xena searches for her comrade in arms, Gabrielle’s time may be running out!
Cover A: Sergio Davila
Writer: Amy Chu   Art: Pasquale Qualano
All things come to head as the royal fleet is attacked by the Tharks and Dejah Thoris is willing to sacrifice herself for the good of Helium.
Cover A: Diego Galindo
Writers: George R. R. Martin, Landry Quinn Walker Art: Mel Rubi
George R.R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series continues with this latest installment of A Clash of Kings!
Cover A: Mike Miller
For the first time ever, the apocalyptic video game is now a collectible trading card set! Journey through the expansive world of Fallout with Dynamite Entertainment’s newest trading card series! Featuring 144 unique base cards, 72 Holofoil chase cards, 10 Die-Cut chase cards and 5 Ultra-rare chase cards. Collect trading cards representing your favorite weapons, gear, characters, and much more from this comprehensive Fallout collection of art and design that was taken straight from the Bethesda Game Studios archives. Learn much more about the World of Fallout with details and concept art that give collectors a deeper glimpse into the world that IGN said “(we could) easily be able to spend another 100 happy hours here and still see new and exciting things”!
You can pick up these issues from your local comic book store from tomorrow or by heading over to DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT.