THE MIDNIGHT GOSPEL: SEASON 1 (2020) – 1 Podcast in SPACE!

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The Midnight Gospel preaching something new in animation

The Midnight Gospel is something on a completely different level from what recent dark comedy/ adult animation has brought us. Other Shows in this genre like Bojack Horseman & Rick and Morty don’t even compare to what this show brings us. If you want to just sit back, relax and ponder life while looking at a drug fuelled visual atheistic then this will be a trip worth your while.

From the creative minds of  Duncan Trussell (curb your enthusiasm) and Pendleton Ward (Adventure time) The Midnight gospel brings what they have been creating already into hyper drive. Pendleton’s work in Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors  and even The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack has already shown an interest “the human condition “.


Straight out of the gate the series pulls you into the world of Clancy, a space-caster who travels through a interdimensional simulator to other worlds finding people to interview for his show. Each episode deals with different subjects and topics from Legalisation of recreational drugs, eastern and western philosophy, religion and the discovery of ones self and the journey of life itself.

At first glance the flow of the episodes seem chaotic; the visuals and action happening in the background behind Clancy and his interviewee seems to be disconnected from what they are discussing. But with a closer inspection the story happening around them parallels what they are discussing and emphasises the essence of the topic of each episode.

THE MIDNIGHT GOSPEL: SEASON 1 (2020) - 1 Podcast in SPACE!

Space the confronting frontier

One thing about show I will warn you about is its confronting atmosphere of the world and life. I wasn’t prepared for the shows depiction of the world and the topics they portrayed, thinking it would be more aligned with the slapstick/satirical nature like seen in Rick and Morty. This series not only K.O’d my arse faster than mike Tyson. It also mentally tea-bagged me to the point Lipton might get to think that there’s a new rival.

After the second episode I need to take a breather, this series will force you to confront things about yourself if it gets the chance. I hide my emotions like a toddler with wet bed sheets so this show opening a conversation with who you are and what the life means from multiple perspectives /religions resonated with me in a truly pure way.

THE MIDNIGHT GOSPEL: SEASON 1 (2020) - 1 Podcast in SPACE!

Should you cross over into the Gospel Zone?

So this show is amazing! let me just say this right now. Just like other work Pendleton has done; his style is heavily rubber hosed. It is extremely refreshing to see what they have put towards us with this new show. But in saying this you need to be prepared for the topics they discuss in the series. It’s very confronting and if you are not ready you’ll spiral down faster than the end of a bad trip. So sit down, take a breath, open your mind and enjoy this wacky series.

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