MAD CAVE STUDIOS sets up Comic Book Retailer Relief Fund

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Comic Book Retailer Relief Fund, image courtesy of Mad Cave Studios

Comic Retailer Relief Fund

Comic book publisher, Mad Cave Studios, has created the Comic Book Retailer COVID-19 Relief Fund , with the goal to help out local comic book shops that are struggling in these turbulent times.

This fundraiser will provide a one-time donation to comic shops around the U.S. to help them keep employees on payroll, mitigate risk, and keep the lights on. They will be fulfilling requests for aid evenly across the comic book retailers across the nation.

Why does the word “Relief” always look like it’s spelt Wrong?

Any donation you make will only go to help the efforts of making sure the ones most affected by this crisis are helped out. With a goal of $100K USD, the Comic Book retailer relief fund has already raised over $11,000.

Go to their GoFundMe page to learn more about the relief effort and how you can help.


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