Chester Bennington in New Linkin Park Song – She Couldn’t

New Linkin Park Song She Couldn't

Chester Bennington in New Linkin Park Song – She Couldn’t

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About Linkin Park Song “She Couldn’t”

It’s been 20 years since Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” took the word by storm when almost everyone thought the days of Nu Metal were well and truly behind us. It’s been 3 years since vocalist Chester Bennington left the world after committing suicide in 2017. And finally, it’s been 1 month since new Linkin Park Song She Couldn’t dropped on Spotify.

“She’s Gone” is a sombre, easy listening 5 minutes 5 seconds that mixes together styles of Hip Hop, Pop and Depressive Ballad. Though far from the the Power Chord driven nu-metal we’ve come to expect from tracks like Numb and One Step Closer – She’s Gone is a Linkin Park song similar in vein to 2017 release One More Light which preceded Bennington’s suicide.

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What’s the general feeling of She Couldn’t?

My initial thoughts were “It’s great to hear Chester” on a new track but after a few more listens (20 of them) I have to ask myself, what’s there to like about this New Linkin Park Song? Sure it’s great to hear Chester but the song itself plays off more like a final ode to his passing than a great track. For me, it’s missing the charm of what made a great Linkin Park track.

When death meets a favourite musician and a post-humously song is released I start to think about Legacy. Does this track capture the legacy of Chester Bennington and Linkin Park as a whole? I’m sorry but the answer here is no it doesn’t. What captured Bennington’s legacy for me is the One More Light Live Concert and CD. Hearing that voices of that crowd fill the arena by singing Chester’s verses in Numb is one of the most emotional experiences I’ve witnessed.

I was happy to leave the legacy of Linkin Park and Chester Bennington at that. Unfortunately, She Couldn’t speaks to more as a B side than a worthy New Single. In ways, it ruins the Chester Bennington legacy for me a little bit. It’s something I didn’t need.

This is a New Song for the Hardcore Linkin Park Fans. One which I considered myself to be though not anymore I suppose.

Listen to She Couldn’t on Spotify.

Where To Find She Couldn’t

She Couldn’t – Linkin Park on Youtube

She Couldn’t – Linkin Park on Spotify

She Couldn’t – Linkin Park on Apple Music

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