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Lead City #3 & #4 brings High Octane Western Action to Kickstarter

Lead City #3 and #4 Kickstarter

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Created by Eric Borden, Lead City is a high octane, shoot-em-up splatter Western. Originally launched in 2021 on Kickstarter, Lead City was picked up for distribution by Red 5 Comics. This Kickstarter Campaign, however, offers Lead City in it’s entirety in both the Red 5 and indie run formats.

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What’s Lead City About?

Spring 1873 – Colman Cooper heads West with his wife Pearl and son Isaiah on their way to new beginnings in San Francisco. The hopes and dreams awaiting them at journey’s end are foremost in their minds as the wagon train sets out from Independence, Missouri. But the perils of the trail to California are many and exacts a heavy toll.

Falling behind the wagon train, they decide to take a southerly route to avoid the winter weather. They’re deep in the Nevada territory when this decision proves disastrous as they’re forced to ground by a deadly blizzard. Making matters worse, Pearl has come down with a fever.

When the storm breaks, Colman spies a town on the horizon, or is it two towns? Colman knows it’s their only chance and he heads out to get help. The Cooper family is forced to seek refuge in Dugganville where they become stranded at the worst possible time. The town is host to a deadly annual contest that has attracted a collection of thieves and killers from far and wide. Without his good wife’s counsel Colman finds his way into Lead City.

Pitted against seven deadly fighters, Colman must find a way to outlast his adversaries in the anything goes, tooth and nail battle for survival. Who will win the richest prize in the West? A raven-haired pistolera with a penchant for lullabies. A jack Mormon looking for redemption. A Nepali man-of-war with a legendary blade. An Aussie sporting a mean Irish brogue and a chip on his shoulder. A Confederate guerrilla looking for a fortune. A Buffalo Soldier looking for revenge and a Shaolin Monk looking for a challenge. Ten thousand dollars goes to the best.

Before Deadwood, Before Tombstone, Before Durango there was Lead City.

Who will love Lead City?

Fans of Jonah Hex, The Magnificent Seven, Unforgiven, The Hunger Games & Smokin’ Aces will likely dig Lead City.

What’s on Offer?

The Lead City Kickstarter offers two comics – both in the Digital and Physical formats – plus numerous indie bundles including one from the folks at Red 5 Comics.

Lead City #3 front cover
Lead City #3 – Front Cover

Lead City #3

Bullets fly and contestants fall as the body count rises in Lead City. Colman takes Lady Lullaby in his sights and tangles with Ravinder Singh. Wendell Walker and Jiao-long Ru face off in a deadly hand-to-hand contest in the chop house. Colman and Leslie Sharp square off over music, trust, and the paying of debts. While the sadistic Harlan Crouch shows everyone how he got the fearsome moniker the ‘Huntsville Hammer.’

Lead City #4 front cover
Lead City #4 – Front cover

Lead City #4

The contestants count their blessings and their cartridges. Harlan Crouch settles the quarrel between Jiao-long Ru and Wendell Walker, then sets his sights on Lady Lullaby. A wounded and desperate Colman deciphers the meaning behind Karlson’s words. This discovery leads him to the secret behind the Lead City contest and a cat and mouse showdown with the last gunfighter to capture the richest prize in the West.

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How can I support Lead City?

Head on over to Kickstarter by clicking THIS LINK.
There are many affordable tiers on offer starting at just $5.


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