KILLSWITCH #2 – Relentless Cyberpunk Action

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Killswitch Front cover by Action Lab Comics, Soda and Telepaths

Killswitch #2 continues the Augur fight

Action Lab Comics‘ imprint Danger Zone is establishing Killswitch as a neat little answer to the sub-culture stylings of films that Johnny Mnemonic and The Matrix are responsible for.


In a far off dystopian future, the powers that be choose unwilling civilians as a bastardised form of science fiction soldier, otherwise known as Augurs in the book. That’s the insinuation made here by writers Jeffrey and Susan Bridges in the form of their chosen protagonists.

I applaud the Bridges’ for squeezing the thematic tones and underpinnings of a futuristic empire ruled by the fascist notion that we’re all born to serve. Though it’s impressive world building, it risks overpopulating the panels with unnecessary dialogue – barely giving the characters room to breathe.

Killswitch #2 page

Complex Cyberpunk in its Rawest Form

Is this an issue you can just pick up? No. Far from it, in fact. Although Killswitch, continues to read as episodic, it has the potential to cancel out potential readers that would pick up an issue mid series.

Given the inherent flaws, if you’re like me then you’re hooked from the start of Killswitch – Issue 1. It’s a fantastical future, etched with the verisimilitude of a cyberpunk world made flesh. Thanks to the talents of penciller Walter Geovani and colourist Brittany Peer.

Killswitch #2 page

Why pick it up?

Complete with fast paced, relentless action. As the state struggles with unnerving certainty to recapture the Augurs and bring them back in. Because no one who ever serves gets out.

My advice? Breath reader. Just breathe. Strap in as the Augurs attempt to escape and begin to make a life for themselves in this world that has already betrayed them.


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