KICKSTARTER KORNER – HERD #2 fast approaching 80% Funded

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Kickstarter campaign Herd #2 is alive and well!

Kickstarter Korner is Back!

We’re back!

I bet you never thought you’d see another one of these articles from us again. Well, have no fear desperado, we’re here to bring you the latest on a Kickstarter campaign that you should definitely add to your “support” list.

Floating Rock Comics are quickly establishing themselves as a fledgeling comic book studio with 5 releases out there – they’re adding quite a few notches to their belt. If you haven’t heard about Floating Rock Comics – they’re a multi national comic book company with staff mainly hailing from Singapore and the United Kingdom. At least that’s the best I can assume when receiving a press releasing from a email directing me to a Kickstarter Campaign that is based in Singapore. Sure. Whatever works!?

Herd #2 Page 2

Floating Rock Comics’ HERD #2 Campaign

HERD is the latest series that Floating Comics are working on. If you haven’t HERD of this series (pun intended), it’s a fantasy comic book series filled with action and adventure. While chucking in a virtual smorgasbord of violence, terror sheer brutality to match.

Specifically, its a story of how times of change can lead societies on perilous journeys. How the most powerful of civilisations can be vulnerable when they are faced with previously unknown problems. How the rise of charismatic leaders can not only present great opportunity, but lead to unprecedented danger.

Floating Rock Comics are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to fund the printing and release of Issue #2. Don’t worry, if you haven’t read issue 1 as this Kickstarter has numerous tiers available where you can easily get your copy of the first HERD issue.

Though not extremely violent – I’d keep this one away from your kids. Head on over to the HERD Kickstarter to support their current campaign.

Floating Rock Comics' Herd #2


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