Infamous By Laura Rears Her Racist Head Again

Infamous by Laura

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Infamous by Laura Cosplayer to appear at OCC Pop Up

Earlier today, it was confirmed by Oz Comic Con that racist cosplayer, Infamous by Laura, is confirmed to appear at next month’s Oz Comic Con Pop Up event (OCC Pop Up, for short). Outraged Oz Comic Con fans and previous attendees took to Facebook to voice their outrage and at the time of their article over 200 commenters have voiced their concern and the Facebook status in question has been shared over 30 times.

Here’s a link to the thread.

Infamous by Laura, aka Laura Gilbert, gained notoriety due to her chance similarity, both in looks and facial features, to Margot Robbie. A similarity she’s capitalised on in numerous appearances (both online and in person) as the iconic character of which Robbie has portrayed numerous times: Harley Quinn. Laura Gilbert has an online following of well over 50K fans.

However, it was March 2020 that Infamous by Laura came under fire for posting a meme stating “You Are What You Eat” with a corresponding picture of Batman. Blatantly insinuating she’s in the camp of pro-racism towards chinese people.

We’ve dug up a screenshot of a Facebook status – see below.

Infamous By Laura Rears Her Racist Head Again

Infamous by name. Racist by nature.

The Flow on Effect

OCC Pop Up was being pitched to the Australian Nerd Community as an opportunity to observe Covid-19 restrictions whilst still being able to celebrate what we all know love. While the Nerd Community itself was looking to this event as the hallowed saviour, to reinvigorate a ruthlessly effect community – thanks to Covid-19.

But not like this.

You would think that after months of lock down and cancellation upon cancellation of Australian Comic Cons this would be the last move that Oz Comic Con brass were going to take. While Infamous by Laura might have a big fanbase you’ve got to know this was never going to do anything but spark outrage. C’mon people, you knew we were never going to take this lying down.

Like it or not, Oz Comic Con, you are uniquely positioned to effect change in the Nerd Community and in the Australian Pop Culture Industry as a whole. How about instead of promoting a bigot (who should be banned from Social Media for a start) you promote a couple of the many dozens of struggling Cosplayers out there to give them an opportunity to be raised to new heights? Gee, here’s an idea, how about a BIPOC cosplayer? How about practising that inclusivity of Geekdom that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate?

Infamous by Laura is a blight on the Australian Comic Con and Cosplaying community. Her views, thoughts and opinions are, at best, infantile and moronic. While at worst, they seek to hurt, alienate and disenfranchise BIPOC nerds and their allies.

Do more than this:

Infamous By Laura Rears Her Racist Head Again 1

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