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I Always Die: 21 Best Russian Doll Quotes


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Which is why we love Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll

For those unfamiliar with one of Netflix’s most talked about shows, Russian Doll is one of the most coked up alcohol binged modern day take on Groundhog Day which you’ll probably ever see. Starring Natasha Lyonne as protagonist, Nadia Vulvokov, a forever alcoholic New Yorker who spends more time living and less time thinking about her actions. We are introduced to her sordid world amidst a celebration of her 36th birthday. Feeling triggered yet, elder millennials?

After enjoying the celebrations and being introduced to Nadia’s truly screwed up existence she is killed in a bizarre set of circumstances which resets the clock for her to do it all over again. This sets her down a path of self-discovery, priority resetting, and not to mention – plenty of drugs, sex and alcohol. Not to mention teaming up with down and out loser, Alan, who is also trapped in this time loop but not before we are treated to an ending involving a marching band made up of homeless people.

If anything, Russian Doll is a bizarre adventure about taking hold of your life and resetting the mistakes you’ve made. Here’s 21 of our absolute favourite Russian Doll quotes taken from Russian Doll – Season One.

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Russian Doll Quotes
Russian Doll Season One – Netflix Poster


“The universe is trying to fuck with me and I refuse to engage.” – Nadia Vulvokov

Nadia Vulvokov: I think I’m dead.
Jordana: We’re all dead!

“Fun is for suckers, Max. Two minutes ago I turned thirty-six, and staring down the barrel of my own mortality always beats fun.” – Nadia Vulvokov

“It’s my bad attitude that keeps me young.” – Nadia Vulvokov

“I smoke, what, like, two packs a day; I have the internal organs of a man twice my age; if I make it to my low seventies I will be shocked.” – Nadia Vulvokov

Nadia Vulvokov: Because this was once, y’know, a sacred place.
Maxine: This is New York. Real estate is sacred.

“Why don’t we sit crooked and talk straight?” – Ruth Brenner

Mike Kershaw: Why didn’t you talk like this before we fucked?
Nadia Vulvokov: I didn’t know you liked this type of shit. I thought you were a real sick fuck, but now I see you’re pretty deep actually.
Mike Kershaw: Why don’t you come over here and sit on my face right now?
Nadia Vulvokov: I would, but… I just called you an Uber.

Lizzy: What’s up with the baby?
Maxine: I don’t know, but if nobody eats my chicken I’m gonna fucking kill myself.

Nadia Vulvokov: Okay, how are you?
John Reyes: You really want to know?
Nadia Vulvokov: I do.
John Reyes: Well, my divorce is straight up harrowing at this point, and the last six months of my life have been an awesome lot of personal failure and other people’s misery.

Russian Doll quotes
Nadia getting more than what she bargained for – still taken from Russian Doll Season One

“I’m sorry for yelling, I’m having a very hard, never-ending night!” – Nadia Vulvokov

“This is like The Game. I’m Michael Douglas!” – Nadia Vulvokov

Nadia Vulvokov: Hey, man. Didn’t you get the news? We’re about to die.
Alan Zaveri: It doesn’t matter. I die all the time.

John Reyes: Did you kill someone?
Nadia Vulvokov: God? Seriously? Come on! No I did not kill somebody. If I killed somebody, I’d play it cool, move to Mexico, start a band.

“If you’d like to meet up again, I will be at my birthday party yesterday night.” – Nadia Vulvokov

Audrey: How do I know you’re not a murderer?
Nadia Vulvokov: My sparkling personality?
Audrey: How many people have you murdered?
Nadia Vulvokov: None.
Audrey: That’s what a murderer would say.

[Breaking up fight between Alan and Mike] “I don’t know who the fuck you are, I don’t know what’s going on here, but either you two suck each other’s dicks or get out of my apartment.” – Maxine

Ruth Brenner: We need other people.
Nadia Vulvokov: Other people are garbage!

“Man, take a chill pill, okay? It’ll reset when we die.” – Nadia Vulvokov

Alan Zaveri: I killed myself. I know it sounds impossible when I think about it, but in my bones, I know I did it. That settles it. I’m dead.
Nadia Vulvokov: Alan, I’m still here. And we are not dead.

Nadia Vulvokov: Now do guys like blow jobs or that’s a rumor?
Mike Kershaw: Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em.

Russian Doll – Season One Trailer

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