The War Between Us releases ‘Hanging On’ (Single)

Hanging On The War Between Us

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About ‘Hanging On’

‘Hanging On’ is a new single from Australian Hardcore/Rock quintet, The War Between Us. It was released on July 18, 2020. The track is perfect for fans of Everytime I Die and The Bronx.

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‘Hanging On’ Review

Earlier today I achieved the impossible: clearing out a Facebook page invite list of over 1000 invites. One of those few Page Invites I didn’t hastily delete was from local Hardcore/Rock outfit ‘The War Between Us.’ While not a new single, their latest track Hanging On, is such a loud party rock track that needed to be shared and here we are.

‘Hanging On’ starts with an up tempo drum fill which sets the furiosity of this unrelenting track. With twin guitars filling out the aural assault as nonstop Hardcore Punk vocals throw their weight around for a tidy 4 mins 45 secs. 

Hanging On is an apt title as it tackles the wrongs in relationships and the toxicity of people. The theme here that suffering longer ‘in it’ than you have to isn’t healthy. An interesting juxtaposition when this track plays out more like an end of an era rock anthem than a sombre swan song. 

My favourite part of the track is the vocal barrage that singer Liam puts us through mid-track and with each verse. It reminds me of Dallas Taylor’s (Maylene and The Sons of Disaster) more yelling moments in the later half of his career with the band. Minus the Southern Rock motif. Or pretty much any hit track by The Bronx.

While this single offers up another track for consumption and it’s clear to see the direction the band are going in – I can’t help but want the full length album The War Between Us are keeping in their proverbial back pockets. I would recommend this band to fans of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, The Bronx and Everytime I Die. 

The War Between Us releases ‘Hanging On’ (Single) 1

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