Fred Destroys Baphomet in Angel & Spike #16

Angel & Spike #16

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Angel & Spike #16 Review

In Angel & Spike #16, we see the series from BOOM! Studios come to a surprising ending  involving multiple characters from the Buffy multiverse. You can pick up Angel & Spike Issue 16 through BOOM! Studios.

Fred Destroys Baphomet in Angel & Spike #16 1

About Angel & Spike #16 

Angel & Spike work with the werewolf Oz and his pack to save the day. Meanwhile, Fred discovers her true power and her connection to another universe where Fred worked for Wolfram & Hart.

Angel & Spike #16 Cover Art

The Angel & Spike #16 Story

Angel & Spike #16 is a rewarding pay off for a short lived comic book series set in the much beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe. Each panel is filled with rewarding grit featuring exchange after exchange between Angel & Spike, and their entourage of supernatural fiends. What makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer #16 truly enjoyable is the familiarity between this comic book issue and the way the Angel TV series left off with Angel & Spike leaping into battle with Wolfram and Hart. 

The story of Angel & Spike #16 is a gritty heist of sorts which looks and feels like a detective story in certain panels. In typical Wolfram and Hart fashion, Fred having been inhabited by a demon is being held captive by Wolfram and Hart. Specifically, by the demon Baphomet. On the lead up to Fred destroying Baphomet in a terrific demonic magical fashion, we watch a frantic Angel and smart arse Spike use every avenue they can to locate Fred. All with the assistance of Oz and his pack. Although, you might assume that Baphomet being destroyed is the climax of Angel & Spike #16 well, au contrare fellow reader, as Angel & Spike are confronted with a reality which will unmake the very essence of the Buffyverse.

Angel in Angel & Spike #16

The Art

Hayden Sherman has really out done himself on Angel & Spike #16. Panel after panel we see a tremendous style of grit meets artistic sketch work detail. Thanks in part to the colouring details of Roman Titov, every panel comes to life in a way that forces the action sequences to jump out of the page. Those familiar with Eisner nominated artist, Tyler Jenkins, will really gravitate to the rough style. It’s a very Punk Rock aesthetic in an otherwise well rounded world of Supernatural demons and vampires.

Angel & Spike #16 was lettered by Ed Dukeshire. Dukeshire does a magnificent job in providing a clean navigation of dialogue throughout a chaotic tapestry of Sherman and Titov’s art. The placement of the thought speech bubbles are thoughtful and appropriate in a way that thinks about the reader first. 


Angel & Spike #16 features a great climax to a 16 month story arc. Filled with beats that are well suited to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe. While at the same time the voices of the Angel & Spike characters (major & minor) are respectful to their TV counterparts. Worth adding to your Angel & Spike collection. 

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