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About Devils Dominion #1

Devils Dominion #1 is a Comic Book written by Brian Hawkins, illustrated by Raffaele Forte, inked by Sara Ianniello, colored by Carolina Cortes and lettering by Justin Birch. With Raffaele Forte providing double duties with Illustrating the Cover and Moose Bauman providing colours.

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Devils Dominion #1 follows Devlynn St Paul, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer archetype, who spends her time hunting down demons and for lack of a better term, slaying them. With the obvious complexity of being the bearer of a demon entity herself she struggles to make sense of the darkness in the world.

Devils Dominion #1 is published by Blackbox Comics.

Devils Dominion #1

Devils Dominion #1 Review

Devils Dominion is a wonderful introduction into the dark and seedy underground depicted by Brian Hawkins and Raffaele Forte. The issue starts by introducing the reader to Female anti-hero, Devlynn St Paul, who looks and females like a Buffy Summers archetypal character on-the-run. We’re not sure who or why she’s on the run – only that she is. Her checking into a seedy motel room gradually plays out that she is on the hunt for demons and perhaps those who worship them.

Where Buffy the Vampire Slayer is quite firm in its Good versus Evil paradigm, Devil’s Dominion comes off as a little more grey. Devlynn isn’t just hunting devils and demons, she is exactly that, a bearer of a demon. One that she can seemingly summon at will to use for the good of mankind. Yadda yadda yadda. You get the picture.

Things take a darker turn when one under the spell of the demon Devlynn is after seems to be holding people hostage in a cage in an unknown basement. A basement discovered in a mansion by Devlynn and a suspicious police officer who is hot on her tails as he’s determined she’s up to no good. The start of an odd couple pairing of cop and supernaturally powered anti-hero babe.

Devils Dominion #1 marks Brian Hawkins’ best work to date. While this comic book is easy to power through and put back in your longbox pile within 10 minutes, its also thoroughly fleshed out. Hawkins does a great job at fleshing out the minuet details of a world deeply seeded in darkness and the horrors of hell itself. Thanks to the efforts of the artistic team we have a Blackbox comic book series that looks and feels like the early issues of Marc Silvestri’s The Darkness – both in the concept and look/feel.

The demons and devils of the series don’t feel like the bygone images of yesterday’s evil. They feel like hell reinvented which gives this comic book a fresh appeal for me. If monstrous demons are your thing then I can almost anyone enjoying the holy hell out of this book.

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