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Comic Books. As much as they brought us joy during our childhood it seems that a select few seem to be in the business of holding comic books hostage.

The company in question, Action Lab Comics, has been called out by numerous twitter users in the past for questionable conduct around their publishing practices. Specifically, the unending delays and lack of marketing. This frustration came to a new, ugly head when twitter user and comic book writer Jarred Lujan (Mad Cave Studios’ DRY FOOT), brought to attention his upcoming comic Crash and Troy which has met numerous unexplained delays by Action Lab):

Jarred Lujan vs The Big Bad

“Action Lab didn’t do any marketing for us, didn’t even tweet about us, gave us four release dates for our #1 which didn’t release on any of them. Told us the hold up was at Diamond, but we know of at least four other books that never came out. Go off on your Ringo noms, tho.”

– Jarred Lujan, Comic Writer and Revolutionary

Since then, Lujan and his followers have used the hashtag #FREECRASHANDTROY, which has been shared hundreds of times. This has been followed with many varying claims to the inaction of the publisher responsible for works like Spencer & Locke, Banjax and many others.

Action Labs Statement

Since #FreeCrashAndTroy went viral, an unnamed and unverified Action Labs spokesperson has refuted these accusations, advising:

“We hear Jarred’s claim and we acknowledge them. However, we recently rebranded our company to ‘Inaction Labs’ so I’m not sure which company he’s referring to or why we’re having this conversation.

Also, who dis?”

Who, indeed.

We’ll follow this story intently as it progresses.

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