Heathen Film to be directed by Catherine Hardwicke

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Catherine Hardwicke to helm film adaptation of Heathen.

Catherine Hardwicke to helm film adaptation of Heathen.

The internet was abuzz last week with the announcement from Netflix about Catherine Hardwicke attached to a film adaptation of Vault Comics’ release Heathen. This announcement has been met with mostly positive reception though some are skeptical about the project.

The comic itself, Heathen, follows the journey of a viking woman named Aydis. Tossed out of her village for being gay, she goes on a hero’s quest in order to free the trapped Valkyrie Brynhild. This is but the stepping stone as her true goal lies in bringing down the All-Father Odin for his various crimes against women.

While I had heard of this comic before, I had not gotten the chance to read it for myself. Since it had a female lead, it wasn’t terribly surprising to find that some people weren’t terribly thrilled by it. Regardless, after having a chance to read it, I can only say that the comic is really raw. The art is striking, filled to the brim with atmosphere from panel to panel. If the film is half as artistic as the comic is, then I can say it’ll be quite an exciting film to see.

To purchase the Heathen comic book, click here.


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