Review: Good Luck #1 proves even Bad Luck can be Good.

Good Luck #1 Comic Book Review

In a world where everyone is born with quantifiable luck, what if you weren’t born with any? This is the dilemma that Artemis Barlow faces. He and others like him find themselves forced to take on an impossible task, saving the world when all they do is fail at life. Those supporting them can only do one thing: wish them good luck.

Luna #5 Shows that Love does Conquer All.

Luna #5 Comic Book Review

Teresa has made the ultimate sacrifice to save the chained god. As her life drifts away from her, she discovers that her sacrifice is not in vain and the chained god is finally free. Lux and the family of the Sun pursue the two of them, only to find that both Teresa and the chained god are now made stronger by the connection they share.

Swingin’ 60s Anthology genuinely embodies the Silver Age

Swingin 60s

The Swingin’ 60s anthology is jam-packed with five fantastic and groovy comic stories. Whether you are well-versed in the silver age of comics or new to this stunning and colorful area, you will find fun stories inside of this 43-page anthology.

REVIEW: Luna #2 provides a Psychedelic Feast for the Eyes

REVIEW: Luna #2 provides a Psychedelic Feast for the Eyes 1

Luna #2 is a supernatural thriller comic book with a interesting yet trippy art style. It is written and drawn by Maria Llovet, with variant covers by Mirka Andolfo. Readers who enjoyed comics like Pretty Deadly or Sandman may enjoy this title as well.

The Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance: Review and 13 Page Preview

Dark Crystal The Journey

The Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance: The Journey into the Mondo Leviadin is a fantasy comic book. The story is by Jeffery Addiss and Will Matthews, while Matthew Erman writes the comic with art by Jo Migyeong, colors by Fabianna Mascolo, and letters by Jim Campbell.