Crossover Division 1 Review

Crossover Division #1 is Fantasy at Its Finest and Most Imaginative

Fictional universes – entities from literature and other creative works – threaten to overtake life as we know it. It is up to the Crossover Division to find these threats and do away with them before they inflict irreparable harm. Down-on-his-luck professor Dr. Hank Wallace gets swept into the Division’s path once he meets agents Hector and Daniel after witnessing a peculiar happening one night after work.

Cherry Blackbird Review 1

Cherry Blackbird #1-Its a Devil of a Time

Cherry Blackbird #1 centers around a tough-as-nails rock star who sold her soul to the Devil for fame. Unfortunately, the pact Cherry made was time-sensitive, stating she would be dragged to hell come her twenty-seventh birthday. However, she is offered a reprieve of sorts if she can do Satan’s bidding and collect seven diabolic souls that escaped the Abyss within a year’s time.