Action Lab’s SUPERMOM Complete Storyline on Comixology

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Supermom: Expecting Trouble, image courtesy of Action Lab Comics

Action Lab’s SUPERMOM Complete Storyline on Comixology

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Action Lab Entertainment presents SUPERMOM: EXPECTING TROUBLE, a series that presents the ultimate dilemma: a pregnant superhero’s quest to stop her arch-nemesis from taking over the world is made oh-so-much harder by the fact that he’s the baby’s father. SUPERMOM: EXPECTING TROUBLE will be available digitally first on comiXology.


Superhero Voltra is out to stop her arch nemesis Vincent Croupe from trying to take over the world. There’s just one problem: she’s pregnant… and he’s the father. Cue the world’s strongest mother versus the world’s evilest father fighting over the fate of mankind and their child. If that’s not enough there’s also terrifying monkey clowns, giant flesh monsters, pyromaniac romantics, a superhero baby shower, the fact that the baby might be taking after daddy and 100 other problems for Voltra to survive in this action comedy filled with big laughs, crazy fights and a shocking twist or two.

Pre-order SUPERMOM: EXPECTING TROUBLE on comiXology by clicking HERE.

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Action Lab's SUPERMOM Complete Storyline on Comixology 6

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