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Rick and Morty Season 4 (2020) – Conquers the Multiverse!

Rick and Morty Season 4

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Rick and Morty Season 4

The newest season of Rick and Morty has now come to an end. Over the top hi-jinks, ridiculous space adventures and shitty on Jerry is upon us!

What’s with Rick and Morty Season 4?

Although season 3 did feel a bit forced; like it was trying too hard. Season 4 has been a literal roller coaster this year, I mean Rick and Morty has always been meta. But this season has pushed that meta into overdrive!

While unfortunately in the beginning it looked like it was going to continue with how season 3 ran their episodes with the first half of Season 4. The creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland stepped it up with the airing of the second half of this season on May 3rd.

Most of the episodes do the classic Rick and Morty theme of parodying major pop culture media like Ridley Scott’s “Alien”, the entire heist genre and The Terminator. All of which are just obvious references in the season.


Getting schwifty

The season also showed major growth for all the characters. With the glaring fact that Rick himself is the problem.

Continuing on from last season we see Morty becoming more assertive and challenging Rick in multiple episodes from questioning a vat of acid, demanding a dragon and NOT STAYING IN THE F***ING CAR! It shows him finding himself and realising that he doesn’t need Rick to have these amazing adventures, he has his family as well. The adventures might not be crippling a entire galactic government from making a 1 into a 0 however at least they’ll know how to cooked s’mores from the proper distance.

Rick from Rick and Morty in an alien field

While Jerry is still the butt off everyone’s jokes, he himself grows by no longer relying on being the victim. He becomes more independent from his family and becomes confident in himself. Consequently gaining more respect from his family. Even Beth and Summer are starting to realise the extent of damage Rick is doing to his family.

Even if the beginning was, like my pick up lines, repetitive and stale – the entire season as a whole was very entertaining. The one thing about season 4 is the tongue and cheek reference towards fans and critics of the show. There are multiple times in the series where we see the creators addressing comments and criticism about the show and what direction it should head towards.

A melding of those responses comes into the story itself. With the mid season break they even took it a step further by quietly showing the inner workings of how a show like this is created. In the episode Never Ricking Morty we see the duo on a train with everyone on board having a story about Rick. They try to find a way off the train while making sure no one knows its them, during the episode Rick shows us the schematics of the train which is the though process of Dan Harmon when writing episodes.

Yeah that’s right. this whole episode is quite literary his train of though!!!

Just having a glimpse into that beautiful brain is amazing. All we just need now a shark boy and lava girl and we’d have a banger!

Show me what you got, Harmon!

With all the ups and downs in season 4 it was still great to watch. After so many years and with the previous season dipping; I was happy to see that there is still fresh ideas aplenty in Harmon’s devious and childish mind.

With the green light for more than 70 episodes lets see what they’ve got. I mean, its not like they’re in an inter-dimensional television show where the planet gets eliminated if they don’t please the audience right… Right?


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