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She Vol 1 Is a Highly Memorable Volume

She comic book : a highly memorable volume of work

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She: At The Tower Of All That Is Known

She: At the Tower of all That is Known is a Science Fiction comic book featuring a Bounty Hunter you’ll instantly fall in love with. It’s written by Ryan K Lindsay and with art/lettering by Chris Panda.

Synopsis: After burying her only daughter, the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy discovers her next job will jeopardize the only thing She has left… her secrets. 

She: At the Tower of all That Is Known is published by Newburyport, MA based website/publisher Comixtribe

She: At the Tower of all that is known comic book review

She Story

She: At The Tower Of All That Is Known is a comic book that’s going to take a couple of reads before you begin to understand what Ryan K Lindsay is trying to do here. Featuring a truly lovable rogue in the form of She, supposedly the best Bounty Hunter in Lindsay’s universe, who is on her last job. A job that, if she succeeds, will erase the last living memory anyone or any of her enemies have of her.

Lindsay takes an unenviable risk from the turn of the first page with the story introducing us to the protagonist (She) and her bounty hunter confidante, Murdoch, exchanging pleasantries and drinks on a space station with the most stellar views. The risk being there’s no cold open here. There’s no grand salvo of action and adventure in the first few pages to lead into the rest of the comic book. If anything, there’s Lindsay’s version of spending too much time in a flashy cantina on the edge of the universe. As big a statement as any Ryan K Lindsay could make, which speaks volumes to the different kind of Sci-Fi adventure the reader is about to experience.

What follows is an assignment our protagonist takes to a nearby world. Involving the extraction of the last living person who knows about her past. Every last living crime and every sordid detail. In the events of the mission we learn the person of interest to be extracted holds the key to limitless amounts of information. Information that, if controlled, could lead to becoming all powerful. After refusing the barter, She extracts the person of interest, leaving the planet of her prize in tow and leaving the Bounty Hunter guild. After removing the one thing that ties her to them – her cybernetic eye.

Ryan K Lindsay’s script starts off with the feeling that we’re going to get a one-woman heist comic book story. Instead, what Lindsay delivers, is a thought provoking sci-fi bounty hunter side mission if The Mandalorian got too friendly with Bad Robot. There’s some interesting commentary on too much information and too much power corrupting those who wield it. The story of She is profound without becoming overly indulgent or reliant on science fiction tropes to deliver its message.

She Art

When looking at the art of She we are treated to a bright, vibrant and dynamic display of cartooning on each and every panel. Style wise, Chris Panda’s work is quite different to what you’d expect from a Science Fiction comic and yet so remarkably familiar to cartoons of the early 00’s. Whether this comes off across as an insult or not, Panda’s work bares a striking resemblance to the first iteration of Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 series, in both style and composition.

The art is a neat little juxtaposition of style versus outcome. There are several brutal moments throughout this comic book that would have been stylised differently and with a lot more gore. However, Panda’s style dulls the savagery so the reader can sit back, relax and power through panel after panel. This more than suits the 13+ age bracket Panda and Lindsay are clearly going for.

She: At The Tower Of All That Is Known Conclusion

She: At The Tower Of All That Is Known is a remarkable journey into a new science fiction universe that looks and feels self contained. While I wouldn’t hasten a would be reader to grow too attached to the characters – the style of Chris Panda’s art makes the message behind Ryan K Lindsay’s story as powerful as the characters are enjoyable to look at.

You’ll pick this up, power through each page like a determined Bounty Hunter on a mission, put the comic book down, go away and then come back to do it all over again. She: At The Tower Of All That Is Known has potential to be enjoyed over and over again. A highly memorable volume of work.

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