Reboot The Guardian Code
Reboot: The Guardian Code introduces a new generation to an old universe.

Fans of the original animated 90s series will recognise the name Reboot and logo almost immediately. A show set within the micro universe of the mainframe. Where dozens of ‘noids live in fear of the notorious user who may deploy “game cube” on them at any time. Confused yet?

It was a simpler time when Reboot debuted. It was the 1990s, dial up Internet was still in its infancy and Limp Bizkit were still a garage band. Reboot was well ahead of its time. The creators were looking at technology from the inside out. The result was a cult classic cartoon made of prehistoric CGI that just worked.


Reboot: The Guardian Code Misses The Mark

Too much time is spent tapping into nostalgia and even less time exploring its characters beyond their two diimensional stereotypes. We have the jock, the nerd, the unattainable would-be girlfriend and the recluse who are joined by an android of female persuasion. With “the wizard” and an old frenemy, Megabyte, being the chief antagonists intent on taking down all electronic power across the globe.

Season 1 focuses on the 4 teens and their android guide as they struggle to find their part in protecting the online mainframe from these enemies. The greatest of the shows title is that this reboot struggles to tie any relevancy to the original show. Beyond the easter egg teasers and the return of Bob the Guardian, Dot, Enzo and his dog – don’t expect a celebration of the original Reboot. The Guardian Code plays out more like a lost season of Power Rangers. Rather than pay homage to what made this Canadian mini franchise so great.  If you’re anything like me then the first half of this first series will surely disappoint. Let’s hope the second half of this first season brings the show back on track. Dear Netflix, two big thumbs down.