[COMIC REVIEW] Battlecats #1 explores a Strange New World


Anthropomorphic medieval team BATTLECATS explores a strange new world.

Independent comic publication, Mad Cave Studios, explores a strange new take on a fantasy world in Battlecats #1. While observing the classic medieval traits and the early on interpersonal conflicts of the main characters. The first issue of this fantasy meets anthropomorphosized savage world, introduces us to a setting absent of the usual superhero repertoire. Instead, being more inline with the bastardised dream you’d expect from H.G. Wells, writing for the young adult.

The first issue of Battlecats spends its time welcoming us to a world populated by cats (surprise, surprise!) taking on the roles any Dungeons and Dragons fan would recognize. We have fan favourites ranging from the mage (Vaela) to the rogue smartass (Mekkar) and the brooding giant (Zorien). Through to the rebelliously unstable warrior (Kaleera) and team leader (Kelthan) completing the team. The evil necromancer (Eltoreq) who completes the lineup by immediately assuming the role of antagonist.

[COMIC REVIEW] Battlecats #1 explores a Strange New World 1

The storyline takes place in fictional land, Valderia, as the King has sent the Battlecats into the Dark Forest. Their mission is to find and deliver the head of the “Dire Beast”. 10 seconds into the quest, the Battlecats are ambushed by a legion of the undead who they mow down effortlessly. Only to be confronted by the menacing necromancer Eltoreq who has history with Kaleera. End issue.

[COMIC REVIEW] Battlecats #1 explores a Strange New World 2

Battlecats has a dark foreboding tone present throughout the entire first issue that contrasts the sensibility of overgrown cats in knight’s amour. This adds to the overall flavor of the issue. Style and artistically this series would suit any fan looking to break away from the superhero sub-genre. I would like to see more exploration of the interpersonal conflicts in the group. MVP for this issue is Kelthan. Fans of IDW era TMNT would be pleased to add this to their collection. Bagged and boarded.

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