Luna #3 builds on Llovet’s trippy supernatural thriller style and is remarkably exceptional

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Luna #3 Review

Luna #3 is a supernatural thriller comic book with a trippy and interesting art style. It is written and drawn by Maria Llovet, with variant covers by Mirka Andolfo. Readers who enjoyed comics like Pretty Deadly or Sandman may enjoy this title as well.

Teresa is plagued by prophetic dreams she knows are leading her to something powerful. After a car accident, she wakes up under the care of the Family of the Sun, led by a charismatic leader, Lux.  As Teresa and Lux make love, she is transported to a place where she learns more about the mysterious man in her visions. She also realizes she may have more of a connection to this man than she previously thought.

Luna #3 is published by BOOM! Studios and is available on April 21, 2021.

Luna #3 front cover and comic book review
Luna front cover, courtesy of BOOM! Studios

Luna #3 Story

The story begins with Lux returning to Teresa covered in blood, but he immediately indicates it is not his blood. From the previous two installments of the comic, we get the sense that even though Lux says everything is fine now, it definitely may not be. Though Lux has not been an overt villain in the story yet, something about him and how he controls the women around him feels off. 

Teresa is still enthralled with him, leading to them making love and sharing blood as they do so. Their actions put Teresa in a sort of transformative state, and she finally comes face to face with the chained god she’s seen in her visions. He calls her by many names, one of which is “Miracle Moon,” which seems to resonate and call to something inside Teresa. 

This installment of the comic has less symbolism than the previous ones, but it gives us a lot more in terms of answers. Llovet also manages to add more mystery. We can tell that Teresa shares some kind of connection with him, and it seems to be something much more profound than what she is experiencing with Lux. The chained god also expresses his opinions about Lux, and they do not seem favorable.

Luna #3 Art

The art continues to be trippy and lovely in issue 3. The scenes feel a little more literal, even though Teresa is in some kind of dream state for a good portion of this story. It gives a sense that her connection to the chained god is grounded and real, where her link to Lux may not be. There’s still plenty of surreal imagery, but I enjoyed how this part of the comic’s more subtle and fluid style lent itself to the overall story. 

The colors continue to be bright and reminiscent of the era the story is set in, though they shift with the tones of the story. We see distinct color differences between when Teresa is with the chained god and when she is catching the sensations of the real world with Lux. Overall the entire effect is done perfectly. 

Luna #3 Conclusion

With Luna #3, Llovet gives us more information about how Teresa may be and what connections she shares with those around her. Her story continues to be packed with symbolism and secrets, so much so that I again found myself reading through the story a second time to see what I missed. This story continues to be enthralling and well-executed. 

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