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Mobile Gaming Is Here To Stay and Will Never Go Away

Mobile Gaming Is Here To Stay and Will Never Go Away

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Mobile Gaming Will Never Go Away

Gaming used to be something that was made exclusively for the geeks and nerds of the world. It was an underground hobby that you rarely spoke about and only discussed with your closest friends. If it leaked out that you were a gamer, you were in for some bullying at school. Thankfully, that silly stigma has been buried for a while.

These days, gaming is a massive industry with loads of job opportunities and we’re even starting to discuss the benefits of gaming instead of just considering it an entertainment pastime. But perhaps one of the most surprising developments in gaming is the meteoric rise in the popularity of mobile gaming.

Mobile Gaming is Here to Stay
Mobile Gaming is Here to Stay

The History of Mobile Gaming

Mobile used to be the outcast in gaming. Most people would play games on their computers and consoles, but mobile gaming was seen as a joke for many years because the games were low-quality and didn’t have very enjoyable or interesting gameplay. However, it wasn’t long until we started seeing massive technological growth that led to incredibly powerful phones that could display graphics and play games that would rival portable consoles and even low-powered computers.

Fast forward to the present day and mobile gaming has become almost 50% of all video gaming revenue worldwide. This is incredible growth that nobody could have expected, but what exactly drew us to mobile gaming? What makes it such a powerful force that is slowly overtaking traditional gaming?

One device that does everything

Smartphones have quickly become one of the most important electronic devices we own. It can do everything from helping us stay in touch with friends and family members to helping us quickly and conveniently pay for goods in a store. It only makes sense that such a powerful all-in-one device would become such a popular platform for video games.

Diversity in games

Mobile developers are doing everything they can to diversify the games available for people to play. From mobile casinos to games that are based around walking such as Pokemon GO, developers are squeezing out every bit of potential that they can from mobile devices. They’re using every feature to its maximum potential and they’re creating some incredibly innovative ways to play games.

It’s more affordable than regular video games

Mobile video games can mostly be played for free. In fact, an overwhelming number of them are completely free but are kept afloat with microtransactions. Some of these games can be extremely predatory and can convince people to spend thousands on in-game microtransactions. But these days, there are regulations around these kinds of games and we’re slowly starting to see more titles that are focused on gameplay first.

Most of them are social-focused

Mobile video games have taken advantage of the social features in mobile phones. We can share our scores with people with ease, we can play with other people in online games, and we can even buy gifts for others inside the game. These social features have become a massive draw to mobile gamers and it’s one of the reasons why it’s such a popular platform.

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