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How to write a Comic Book Press Release – 8 Simple Steps

How to write a comic book press release

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Writing a Press Release

A Press Release can make or break the upcoming release of your comic book (or product). Whether it’s a movie, tv show, comic book, clothing item or health care product – it is pivotal that your Press Release contains all the right elements to make the information about your Release really POP.

As the editor of Soda and Telepaths, every week I receive 20 Press Releases on average (ranging from Comic Books to Music, TV and Film releases). While that might not seem like much, when you multiple that by the weeks in the year, and the life of this website, let’s just say I’ve seen a lot. Over the years some press releases have looked extremely professional while others have simply floundered to the point of misinformation and gobbledygook.

So, to assist creators with typing up their very first Press Release I’ve put together this list of handy tips to consider when preparing your PR Junket.

Remember: these Tips can be applied to almost any Press Release scenario but above all – Have fun with it!

How to write a Comic Book Press Release - 8 Simple Steps
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1. Logline

Every podcast should have an opening statement that sums up the project in less than 50 Words. In Comics and Film this is referred to as a Logline. Which is purely designed to capture the reader’s interest in less than 30 seconds. Keep it short, snappy and under 50 words. Because, if your Opening Statement doesn’t interest them, then how do you expect the rest of your Press Release to?

Start on the front foot rather than the back foot.

2. Opening Paragraphs

You should be able to succinctly sum up what your project is about in 1-2 paragraphs (stanzas). Your opening paragraphs should mention what the project is about, who the creative team is and when the project’s release date is. Naturally, as the creator, you’ll feel the urge to expand and digress into the specifics of the Project. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS!

Not everyone will care about your project as much as you do and that’s the brutal reality of Press Releases. Keep to the essentials or the selling points of what makes your piece of work so uniquely distinctive. Try and find the happy medium between informative and passionate. This will resonate through the rest of your Press Release.

How to write a Comic Book Press Release - 8 Simple Steps
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3. Showcase

If you’re a Comic Book creator then provide artwork, if you’re a film director provide a trailer or stills, and finally if you’re a musician leave links to your upcoming release. The devil here is in the details and seeing (or hearing) is believing. You can write the most beautifully worded Press Release to ever exist but without the imagery to back it up, how do you expect to sell your Press Release so a journalist will write about it?


This is my favourite part of my How to Write a Press Release guide. Mainly because who else knows your art better than you? No one. So who is more qualified to provide a glowing recommendation and quote about your creation? You of course.

The fact is Journalists love Quotes. For some journalists, quotes can make up the entire basis of an article. While for others, a quote can be the cherry on top of that proverbial Journalism cake. And let’s face it – who else but the consumer is going to love to hear from you, the Creator? 

5. Who is this For?

Ultimately it helps to spell out who is going to want to buy your product, your tv show, your comic, your book, etc. Why? It helps the potential consumer justify why they should part with their hard earned cash if the demographic your target is perfect for – is their demographic. 

There’s also the matter that spelling out who is going to want to buy your product makes it a lot easier for your Journalist, their agenda and their readers. 

We all have this innate need as human beings to want to be part of a collective, to identify with a group and if your product identifies with them then they’re going to want to buy it. It’s all part and parcel of what Sales Professionals have been saying for decades – The Jones Theory works.

How to write a Comic Book Press Release - 8 Simple Steps
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6. Editing

I cannot stress the importance of editing your Press Release enough! When it comes to Editing the quick solution here is if you have a friend or family member that considers themselves a wordsmith, teacher/lecturer or someone who writes for a living then before you do anything – SHOW THEM YOUR FINAL DRAFT. 

If not then you there’s online services like Grammarly or Fiverr. But if you’re really confident you can follow a simple Editing checklist then here’s a basic one for your Press Release:

  • Check for Grammar
  • Check for Spelling
  • Check for Jargon and get Rid of It
  • Check for Tone 
  • Check the Balance of Active Vs Passive Language 
  • Check for an Inviting Headline

7. Headline

Your Press Release Headline should be a bold title and emotive title that encapsulates the reader, draws them in and makes them want to click open when it hits their Email Inbox. SEO Power words are a great and powerful way to achieve all of this and I’ve often found this list on to be extremely useful.  

8. Hire a Professional

There are many Professional Services out there. We’re one of them. If you’re a Comic Book (or Pop Culture) creator and are in need of a quick turn around Press Release (<7 days) then drop me a line and let’s talk about your next Press Release

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