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How to Read Uncanny X-Men #1

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How to Read Uncanny X-Men #1

How to Read Uncanny X-Men #1
Front Cover of Uncanny X-Men #1

Uncanny X-Men is the very first Marvel comic book that introduced us to the world of mutants and of course the team of the X-Men. While it may have been almost impossible to pick up such an early comic book issue without emptying your life savings, Marvel Comics have made reading this piece of Comics history so easy with their Marvel Comics app called Marvel Unlimited.

Where else can I read Uncanny X-Men #1?

Uncanny X-Men #1 Page 1
Where else can I read Uncanny X-Men #1?

Unfortunately, the Marvel Unlimited app basically holds the monopoly over the entire digital Marvel Comics catalogue. As they advertise having over 28000 readable comics in their App’s database.

However, there are other avenues at your disposal that you can take advantage of. With eBay and Comixology being the most obvious and then there’s your local comic book store. Then there’s the less than scrupulous websites out there which allow you to read comics for free (if the idea of millions of gambling banner ads appeals to you).

Good luck finding a physical copy of this piece of Comic Book History out in the wild. You’re going to need it!

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What is Uncanny X-Men #1 about?

What is Uncanny X-Men #1 about?

Uncanny X-Men #1 originally hit stores back in 1963. So this first issue is literally teeming with out of date social queues and campy language from the X-Men characters.

In this first issue we’re introduced to Professor Xavier, a headmaster at this mysterious school for gifted youngsters, based in Westchester NY. As the comic progresses we’re introduced to the original five members of the X-Men: Hank McCoy aka The Beast, Bobby Drake aka Iceman, Warren Worthington the Third aka Angel, Slim Summers aka Cyclops and Jean Grey aka Marvel Girl.

In true 1960s comic book fashion this issue is littered with unending commentary reinforcing the skills and abilities of the five X-Men characters. Not to mention the strict and demeaning mannerisms of Charles Xavier borders on abusive tutelage. Still, it tries (unsuccessfully) to balance the comic book story with adolescent pranks and behaviour which feels more like the Hardy Boys and less like the X-Men in the films and the 90s cartoon.

What is Uncanny X-Men #1 about?
^First appearance of Jean Grey aka Marvel Girl

Uncanny X-Men #1 is also the first appearance of fan favourite villain Magneto and features the master of magnetism try to take over Cape Island military base via some truly moustache twirly moments and science fiction gobbledygook. Giving the fab five X-Men team the opportunity to work together and use their mutant powers for the first time.

Sadly, this first issue of Uncanny X-Men suffers from the usual 60s sci-fi tropes including the villain disappearing into the sunset to take on the X-Men another day. A hallmark to the limitations of Stan Lee’s writing style. A writing style that sees the comic book issue ending with the General of the Military Base give the X-Men a hearty thanks for rescuing his base. A thanks from mankind, if you will, that won’t last into the future of the X-Men series.

First appearance of Magneto
^First appearance of Magneto

What did you think of Uncanny X-Men #1?

How did Uncanny X-Men #1 land for you? Was this comic book a hit or a miss? Let us know on social media.


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