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GOLD Director/Producer Launches Short Film Streaming Platform to Support Emerging Filmmakers

GOLD DirectorProducer Launches Short Film Streaming Platform to Support Emerging Filmmakers

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GOLD Trailer – Film by Anthony Hayes

GOLD Filmmaker Anthony Hayes to launch Innovative Streaming Platform

Writer, Director, Actor and Producer, Anthony Hayes, has launched an innovative new streaming platform exclusively for short films entitled the Retrogression Film Crib.

Riding on the back of the global success of helming the Zac Efron vehicle “GOLD”, Hayes says he wants to encourage younger filmmakers. He said to Soda and Telepaths earlier today:

“There’s not a lot of avenues for short films, or first time filmmakers to have their work seen, other than film festivals. The Retrogression Film Crib plugs that gap, and gives filmmakers a passive revenue at the same time.”

The streaming platform is free for the viewer with revenue being paid to the filmmakers on a per-view basis, in the form of the revolutionary new Cryptocurrency the RTGN Token.

Currently in Beta release, the Film Crib will be developed to include native iOS and Android mobile and Television apps. We envision the platform evolving into a mega media hub, giving the RTGN community and general customers a single place to access all their content needs starting with short films and growing to include live video and gaming streaming, feature length films and documentaries, audio books, music podcasts, editing and VFX tools and more, all for which the Framework has already been built into the platform.

Unlike other streaming platforms, the Retrogression Film Crib doesn’t require exclusivity and is already playing host to a number of impressive short films including some past Oscar Nominees and Palm d’or Winners.

As part of the greater Retrogression Film/Crypto ecosystem, which includes the RTGN token, P2E Unreal Engine NFT based gaming experience as well as the production of a three part Retrogression Sci-Fi film trilogy helmed by Hayes, the Film Crib will also host the first short films of established filmmakers and hold exclusive Q&A’s with those filmmakers, giving advice to those still cutting their teeth.

GOLD Director/Producer Launches Short Film Streaming Platform to Support Emerging Filmmakers
GOLD Director/Producer Launches Short Film Streaming Platform to Support Emerging Filmmakers

“It’s up to those of us who are experiencing success to pay it forward in whatever way we can.”

Filmmakers who want to submit their short films can go to

The RTGN token launched with a Market cap of 2M USD and hit a peak of 7.5M after thirty minutes, before finding a floor of 4.8M and has steadily gained attention to recover to just over 6M at time of publication. With a heavy vesting period of five months and a team token vesting period of 12 months as well as 1.7M in liquidy locked for twelve months via their official security partnership with Unicrypt Launch platform, the RTGN token is a long-term hold.

Filmmaker Anthony Hayes went on to say,

“The heavy vesting, liq lock, strong launch liquidity and organic growth of this token is key to achieving our long-term goals for the project. The RTGN is a revolutionary way of financing a film and keeping the power and revenue with the creator of film content, something that is desperately needed in the film and entertainment industries. We hope to create a new model that rewards creators and incentifies and passes on these rewards to the community. And with the upcoming announcement of our partnership with a world class NFT crypto gaming company and their new multimillion dollar metaverse we are primed to make this one of the biggest projects on the Ethereum chain in 2022.”

You can find out more about this project by heading to Twitter or directly to Hayes’ Retrogression website.

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