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Enfield Arts’ New Winslow Premieres Season 5 late May

Enfield Arts New Winslow

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Enfield Arts’ New Winslow is returning to your Earholes!

Enfield Arts is premiering Season Five of New Winslow, its ongoing urban fantasy series, on May 21, 2022. With its strange small-town setting and themes of queer found family, New Winslow tells the story of a small Massachusetts community in the grip of a strange curse. The series follows a wide cast of characters through their own personal struggles and relationships, even as the “New Winslow curse” looms over them.

Enfield Arts‘ Amanda McCormack told earlier this week:

For newcomers to the series, New Winslow is, simply put, the story of a small town and the people that live there. It takes place in a fictional community in the otherwise very real Quabbin Valley of Massachusetts, USA, and draws a lot of inspiration from this setting. While the otherworldly curse does need to be broken, residents often have more pressing concerns, such as how they’ll pay this month’s rent or take care of their families. It’s a character-driven series, focused on seeking connection and the ways we long for an idealized past. Think queer slice-of-life, but with a magical influence.” 

Enfield Arts' New Winslow Premieres Season 5 late May 1

McCormack added, “I’m extremely excited for Season 5 to premiere. Anyone following the series has seen how things have been building up, with more questions than answers. But now, we’ve reached the point where the pieces are going to start falling into place, which will be very exciting to watch.”

Enfield Arts is a Massachusetts-based creative company that creates fiction in various mediums. Previous releases include the audio fiction podcasts Dart and Take the Mass Pike, as well as the North County
Paranormal Unit novel series.

Season Five episodes will be released on Patreon and Seasons One through Four are available to read for free on or retailers like Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play.

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