Bad Luck #1 Explores Diversity Via Witches And Demons

Bad Luck #1

Bad Luck #1 Explores Diversity Via Witches And Demons 1

Bad Luck #1 appeals to the adolescent market with its light hearted introduction into witches, demons and the underworld.

Supernatural isn’t for the young. Said no one ever who’s read this comic.

Issue 1 of Bad Luck introduces the reader to a light hearted view of witches and their familiars. Taken from the assumption the reader knows nothing about this subject matter. Reinforced by the first page outlining the role of familiar vs witch in a supernatural setting.

Bad Luck kicks off as any good witch story does. On top of a broomstick. Here we are introduced to wannabe witch and playful protagonist Ava. Hitching a ride in serpent form is her bonded familiar Oliver. The creators establish early on one simple point : this is not a healthy relationship. Oliver is there for the ride and involuntarily bonded to this pathetic human. All the while searching for the tools they need to break this bonding of demon to witch. Meanwhile, a group known only as the Harvesters are busy hunting down witches. Witches just like Ava.

Bad Luck introduces us to a world of supernatural depravity juxtaposed by the whimsical platitudes of Ava. A witch as foreign to this alternate 1950s earth as we are to the concept of magic existing in commonplace. The art from creators Alethea Van Holland and Jaxon Joubert help reinforce those exact playful sensibilities evident with each passing panel. Though I’m not one to play in the arena of too many black and white comics I’ve got to applaud the careful use of shadow and tone to execute certain emotional reactions. Gone are the days of Salem witch trials at the slightest whim of Pagan tribute. Bad Luck #1 demonstrates that witchcraft and the supernatural can be accessible. It’s light and fun. While christians will probably hate it – it’s a style fans of cartoonist Lauren Faust can get into. Bad Luck #1 is diversity explored via the supernatural.

Bad Luck has been running the Con circuit in printed form for a little while now. Whereas online its available as a web comic every week. If a mistake has been made its belittling the accomplishment of this book to web comic status.

4 Sodas!

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Bad Luck #1 Explores Diversity Via Witches And Demons 2Bad Luck #1 Explores Diversity Via Witches And Demons 3Bad Luck #1 Explores Diversity Via Witches And Demons 4Bad Luck #1 Explores Diversity Via Witches And Demons 5