Cartoons and Why You Are Never Too Old For Them


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So you still watch Cartoons?

Have you had someone ask you why you still watch cartoons as an adult? Right now, being in the middle of a pandemic means that the usual rules have suspended for most, but the fact you still watch cartoons as an adult isn’t something pandemic related – it’s a passion and so it should be.

Cartoons are always thought of to be childish and it does make sense: the whimsical colors and pitchy music all screams “childhood”, doesn’t it? And then you have cartoon-like shows such as Family Guy and Spiderman, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z and they’re completely different from the cartoons you watched as a child.

Own the Nostalgia

The thing is, there are two types of cartoons: those for children and those very much not for children. Many cartoons are directed toward adults, including Marvel and DC Cartoons that are based on the comics of your childhood. You can buy action figures and keep them in mint condition and you can get Vegeta DBZ action figures and call them vintage – and they’re not for kids! Countless “cartoon” and animated shows are directed towards adults and not children, and it’s not about being a millenial or trying to recapture your youth. Instead, it’s about remembering that nurturing your own creativity isn’t childish.

Sure, you may have watched the PowerPuff Girls once and then one day, you switched over to DBZ and that was it: your life was changed. Being passionate about a cartoon you watched as a child isn’t a bad thing as an adult. In fact, it’s often animation that keeps us feeling creative and young.

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Your Love for Cartoons Will Never Die

The thing is, your love for cartoons as an adult is more vintage than anything else. It’s why you see adults at comic cons and they’re the ones battling for figurines on eBay. Shows like the Flinstones weren’t meant for children. Even The Simpson’s wasn’t meant for children. They’re designed for comedic relief for adults, and the risque nature of these cartoons keep us feeling the humor surrounding scary situations.

The humor in these cartoons is what keeps us from feeling too overpowered by the stress of life. The maturity and the immaturity in these animations allow us an escape, a way to laugh at dark or mature humor without any guilt. Cartoons and animations are designed like this to make us feel in control while teaching us valuable life lessons in a way that we can understand.

We live in a world of global warming and excessive racism and unfairness between classes. We still HAVE classes and politics is scary. As adults, we are expected to just handle it but we can’t do it all the time. Cartoons provide us with relief and the chance to see the scary issues in the world from a funnier and gentler angle.

When we see this, we can accept the worrying things and keep moving forward without falling into a depression. It’s a great way to keep enjoying life – so don’t give up the characters and the posters. Stay feeling young!

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