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15 of the Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches

15 of the Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches

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The Legacy of Burt Reynolds Mustaches

Since the late 1950s, American actor Burt Reynolds has been a pop culture icon, acting in critically-acclaimed films such as ‘Deliverance’ and ‘The Longest Yard.’ Although, the movie star passed away on September 6, 2018, he will always be renowned for sporting his iconic mustache.

This article lists our 15 favourite appearances that showcase Burt Reynolds’ acting chops and his best mustache moments.

15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches
15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches: Boogie Nights

1. Boogie Nights

Set during the Golden Age of Porn, Boogie Nights follows high school dropout Eddie Adams who becomes an adult film star for filmmaker Jack Horner (Reynolds). However, after getting caught up in the drug-induced lifestyle, Eddie’s life begins to spin out of control. Reynolds greyed beard-mustache combo in the film is granted legendary status by fans.

2. Smokey and the Bandit

Truck driver Bo “Bandit” Darville (Reynolds) goes on a 28 hour trip from Texas to Georgia to deliver beer and meets hitchhiker Carrie (Sally Fields) along the way. The duo is chased by Sheriff Bufford T. Justice, who wants Carrie to marry his son. Although Burt’s on (and off) screen romance with Fields popularized the film, Burt himself makes the film memorable by sporting what one fan describes as “a fine exponent of a mustache.”

15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches
15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches: Citizen Ruth

3. Citizen Ruth

In this political comedy, newly impregnated Ruth Stoops finds herself amid a political tug of war between two government parties that persuade or dissuade her from having an abortion. Burt Reynolds plays an evangelist who offers Ruth money to keep the baby. Despite playing a supporting role, he steals the show with a ‘stache that resembles the Star Trek badge.

4. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Reynolds only appears briefly in this comedy film featuring a sequence of comedic sex stories. However, he steals the show playing a switchboard operator in a person’s brain while sporting his classic neatly trimmed mustache.

15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches
15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches: Sharky’s Machine

5. Sharky’s Machine

Burt Reynolds portrays Tom Sharky, a vice detective who discovers a prostitution ring and plans to take down the kingpin. Meanwhile, he falls in love with one of the kingpin’s escorts, Dominoe. Sharky’s charm not only derives from remarkable talent but his remarkable mustache as well.

15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches
15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches: Silent Movie

6. Silent Movie

Silent Movie is exactly as the title suggests, using text instead of dialogue. Burt Reynolds makes a cameo as himself in this film about a movie director who pitches an idea to a failing movie studio. Paired by his luscious ‘stache, Reynolds’ comedic shower scene could indeed make the ladies swoon.

15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches
15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches: Hooper

7. Hooper

In this action-comedy, Burt Reynolds plays the eponymous lead character, who is a world-renowned stunt double. When he made the decision to become a stunt coordinator, a new stuntman comes onto the scene, eager to take Hooper’s status. Sonny Hooper’s mustache matches perfectly with his cowboy aesthetic.

15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches
15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches: The Cannonball Run

8. The Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run follows seven eccentric teams in an illegal cross-country race from Connecticut to California. Reynolds plays famous racing driver J.J. McClure, rocking a ‘stache so glorious that it deserves its own billing .

9. The End

In this dark comedy, Wendall Lawson (Reynolds) attempts to kill himself after discovering he has a blood disease. When he is unsuccessful and ends up in a mental hospital, he enlists the help of a schizophrenic murderer to complete the task. This film features the beauty of both Reynolds’ mustache and his connecting beard.

10. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

In this musical comedy, Sheriff Earl Ed Dodd falls in love with Miss Mina Stanley, who runs a brothel called the “Chicken Ranch” outside town. Reynold rocks his beautiful classic dark stache in the film, which some fans believe serves its own Oscar .

15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches
15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches: Semi-Tough

11. Semi-Tough

Semi-Tough follows two football teammates, Shake and Billy Clyde, living in an apartment with a female roommate, Barbara Jane. A love triangle begins to brew between as each one of the roommates takes a self-improvement program that makes each of them seem more attractive than before. For Reynold’s sake!

12. Gator

In Gator, the eponymous character is a former convict who gets roped into taking down a corrupt politician by the police. Although this film is not a popular favorite among Burt Reynolds fans, there are some who believe he has possibly the greatest ‘stache of all time in the film.

13. The Last Movie Star

In this touching film, an aging movie star reminisces about his past career. Although greyed from age and thinner than what it used to be, Burt Reynolds’ mustache still manages to woo fans.

15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches
15 Best Burt Reynolds Mustaches: Shamus

 14. Shamus

Private investigator Shamus McCoy looks into a case of uncut diamonds that have disappeared. In this film, Burt Reynolds leans into his status as a sex symbol, made complete by his sweet ‘stache.

15. Hustle

Burt Reynolds turns up the heat as Phil Gaines, who discovers his girlfriend’s father is responsible for a murder in town. Fans will argue his mustache barely makes an appearance in this neo-noir film. Still, it’s an amazing performance by Reynolds.

Is your favourite Burt Reynolds mustache moment featured on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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