God Complex, Dogma, Top Cow, First Issue, Science Fiction, Sci Fi, Supernatural
God Complex #1 – Cover

God Complex #1

God Complex takes place in a futuristic city with Re-imagined Greek Gods, courtesy of Top Cow

God Complex takes place in futuristic city of Delphi. Where ancient Greek gods have been vibrantly reimagined with a science fiction take typical of Top Cow Productions. Building on a great history with the likes of Cyberforce and my personal favourite Rising Stars. God Complex follows the story of Seneca, a detective working a case where 3 church acolytes were murdered in a seemingly ritualistic nature.

Not all is as it seems as Seneca uncovers a secret threatening to turn the God Complex world on its head. Seneca goes on to report these strange findings to his supervisor, Hermes. One of the city’s many Elites that bears a stylish hiding what is underneath. The mystery surrounding these elites hits you continues throughout the whole series to keep you connected to the story. Even when Seneca’s motivations become a little blurred.

God Complex, Dogma, Top Cow, First Issue, Science Fiction, Sci Fi, Supernatural

Writers Paul Jenkins and Bryan Lie got the idea for God Complex from GLITCH. A company specialising in creating collectibles bringing mythological figures into the realms of science fiction. Glitch has created amazing stories around these collectibles. Bryan Lie, writer of Wolverine Origins and co-creator of Glitch and Paul Jenkins were compelled to create this fantastic story, asking Is the power of these imagined gods really divine or is it technology masquerading as magic?

God Complex is a tremendous mix of Blade Runner meets Star Wars

God Complex is a tremendous mix of Blade Runner meets Star Wars. With the rainy city detective standing under the shadow of Coruscant. Most panels hold an aura of importance. With the amazing artwork by Hendry Prasetya (Power Rangers) really shines all the way through. God Complex #1 does falter as certain panels seem disconnected when compared to the grander scenes in the pages before. When Seneca is invited to view a world only seen by the elites, an illuminating moment were your gods walking among you. Yet he never mentions it again. It seemingly has no effect on him.

This doesn’t stop God Complex #1 being interesting though. The vast majority of the story is strong and engaging. There is a lot to be said about the art and, in my opinion, its some of the strongest 2017. The design of the Human character is top notch and even the gods seem grounded, further adding to their mystery.

God Complex #1 is not to be missed the reinvention of classical mythology is great. The mystery of the characters combined with the stunning artwork and intriguing story will keep you fixated all the way through to the end. The full volume of episodes can be picked up now and if you already haven’t you should be. 4 Sodas!