When 4 Ninja Turtles Become Power Rangers in MMPR/TMNT #4

When 4 Ninja Turtles become Power Rangers

Cool doesn’t go far enough.

After the events of the last issue, the Rangers have been disconnected from the Morphin Grid thanks to Green Ranger Shredder. Powerless, they find help in the form of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles using their power coins to face Rita Repulsa’s monsters while the Rangers try to find Tommy Oliver and stop the Foot Clan.

What's the score!?


Writer: Ryan Parrott
Penciller: Simone Di Meo
Colorists: Walter Baiamonte and Igor Monti
  • Awesomeness - 95%
  • Plot - 90%
  • Characters - 85%
  • Tone - 90%

While lacking the character moments of past issues, Ryan Parrott still gives readers a great issue that focuses on the reverse dynamics of the two teams as they take on the mission styles of one another as the Rangers do ninja stuff to infiltrate the Technodrome, while the Turtles and April O’Neil take on a lion-esque monster called Wyldfyre in public as Rangers. 

Ninja Turtles become Power Rangers

Turtle Rangers! Umm what?

As the Turtles take on the roles of the Rangers, Parrott writes them as being invigorated by the newfound power and appreciation from the public as they fight off the destructive monster. As the Rangers don their makeshift 80s neo-ninja garb, the realize that their immense skills as fighters weren’t only tied to their powers as they take on The Foot Clan.

Not only are the main characters good, but the supporting characters and villains are absolutely great as well. Baxter Stockman is introduced as the skeevy, bow tie wearing villain that he is and comes off as absolutely slimy as he tries to draw blood from Tommy to see if Morphin powers affect the blood while Rita and Shredder are seconds away from betraying each other.

Simone di Meo provides the art with colors by Walter Baiamonte and it is absolutely magical. Every issue of this series has been beautiful to look at and this team (with assistance by Alessio Zonno and Igor Monti) has worked hard to give fans stunning visuals and moments throughout.

MMPR/TMNT #4 preview page

Seeing the Turtles morph into Power Rangers is something that will stick with readers for a long time because of how epic it ends up looking. Their shells maintain and they still manage to get the spandex on under them while still looking like they can do some serious damage as their normal weapons morph into combinations of their and the regular Rangers.

Colors are heavily emphasized with a vibrancy that helps them to stand out even against the bright reds and oranges of Wyldfyre’s flames and the white backgrounds they fight against. Not only does this serve as amazing visuals for the fight, but it also serves as a contrast to the normal conditions that the Turtles are seen in replacing the darkness of night with bright light!

In contrast, the Rangers, looking like the cast of Attack the Block with face masks, baggy jackets with their corresponding colors over their hoodies and the weapons of the Turtles, use the tunnels under New York to travel to the Technodrome with Casey Jones. It’s dark, everything is colored in an eerie green light and it is strange.

More Ninja Turtle Power Rangers

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers Action is Mint AF!

The action in both scenarios is absolutely amazing and made better by Ed Dukeshire’s letters. Di Meo makes great use of dynamic angles and blurring to display the athleticism and speed of the Turtles in battle. As they flip across the sky and kick Putties left and right Wyldfyre blasts fire at them with giant “FWOOOMs” for the pyro.

The Rangers scenes usually have pulled out shots that show the immense numbers of purple clad ninjas. The action is frenetic with many people on the page with lots of impact lines and arrows or shuriken flying across the panels. Between the “WHAMs” an “HISSSSSs” of the Putty Foot Soldiers, many backgrounds are given a glowing red coloring when danger is near.

There’s a palpable sense of victory and danger in each respective scenario and I think that perfectly sums up exactly what these two teams are about even as their circumstances are flipped. The Rangers can’t exactly take on the powered up Putties without their powers and for the first time, the Turtles defeat an enemy in a wave of colors and explosions and they get the claps normally meant for the Rangers.

MMPR/TMNT #4 preview page