TITANS SEASON 3 – My Predictions for the DC Universe Series

TITANS SEASON 3 - My Predictions for the DC Universe Series 1

Warning: This article contains spoilers to Titans Season 3 and its finale – Episode 13: “Nightwing.”

Season 2 of Titans just had its finale. The main antagonist of the season was Deathstroke. And there were the looming villains of Cadmus Labs and Lex Luthor’s assistant, Mercy Graves. Deathstroke tore the team apart, only for them to realize what a family really was. Whilst, giving us Deathstroke’s family with Ravager and Jericho.

The Season 1 finale had Dick Grayson burn his Robin costume. So he spent the entirety of Season 2 in plain clothes. The second season finale finally had him in his Nightwing costume. And boy, was it comic accurate.

This leaves me with predictions for how Season 3 will go. DC Universe has renewed Titans for another season. So hopefully, we’ll see at least a few of these ideas come into fruition.


Wonder Girl died in the Season 2 finale. The Themyscirans loaded up Donna’s coffin aboard their plane. Rachel told Dick she wanted to go with. Her powers were changing. And she thought she might be able to resurrect Donna. She’ll spend a few episodes in Themyscira doing a little “soul searching.” This would be a great chance to see the Titans‘ version of Wonder Woman’s homeland. If Rachel returns to Titans Tower in the first episode, we’ll at least see flashbacks on the island.

Throughout the season, Raven will try to figure a way to resurrect Wonder Girl. Eventually, she’ll pay Ra’s Al Ghul a visit with an interest in his Lazurus Pits.

They’ll make some sort of reference to Ra’s as the Demon’s Head. Raven will connect this with the fact that her father is an actual demon.


Deathstroke had Jericho’s soul in him for the past five years. When Rose killed her father, her brother’s soul went into her. So throughout the third season, Jericho will share her body. When they fight villains and cannon fodder, Jericho’s spirit will come out and do its thing.

The New Adventures of Batman And Robin

Bruce Wayne was introduced this season with Iain Glen. Many complained that he looked more like Alfred. Batman appeared without Bruce in Season 1. So I think Glen’s Bruce will actually suit up sometime in Season 3. And now that Jason has left, he’ll have a new Robin. This will be an even younger kid – Tim Drake.

When Raven visits Ra’s, he’ll mention his daughter – only by the fact that he has one. This would foreshadow a later season. Perhaps, Talia and Bruce were old flames. Once Tim moves on from Robin to Red Robin, Talia will return with Damian.

Red Hood

Rose told Jason that she was working for her father all along. In the Judas Contract arc, and even in the Teen Titans cartoon, Deathstroke had an insider. To keep viewers surprised, Rose was the Judas instead of Terra. But hopefully, we’ll still see Terra sometime down the road. When Rose told him this, Jason left her and the Titans.

Nightwing will try to connect with Jason on the fact that Batman moved onto yet another Robin. But every time Dick tries, Jason will brush him off.

At Donna’s funeral, Jason watched from afar. Then he took off on his motorcycle. So in Season 3, he’ll be a rogue agent. Eventually, Jason’s own brand of vigilantism will see him take on the Joker. Batman’s archnemesis was mentioned in the Season 1 episode where Dick returned to Gotham City. Jason was cocky enough to take on Deathstroke alone. So here, his arrogance will just grow. But Joker will end up beating him to death with a crowbar. Thus, adapting Death in the Family.

The Titans will take Jason’s body to the Lazarus Pits. Jason will be resurrected but without a soul. Much like when Sara died on Arrow. They resurrected her the same way. But it took Constantine to retrieve her soul.

Yet, Jason will continue on his dark path. He’ll have a bloodlust like when Arrow‘s Thea was resurrected. And like how Season 2’s finale revealed Nightwing, Jason will become Red Hood in the finale for Season 3. Then Season 4 will show Joker’s origin as the original Red Hood.


Season 1 built Trigon as the main villain. Season 2 had Deathstroke. I think Season 3’s primary antagonist will be Blackfire. She was in Season 2 for one appearance. It was as a hologram to talk to her sister.

A leech crawled into Starfire’s ear when she was with Faddei. In the Season 2 epilogue, another leech crawled into another ear. This was the mother from the carnival where Donna died. I think these leeches are Blackfire’s attempt at invading Earth. These will partly be to create an army. But mainly, they’re to mess with Starfire.

Then there’s the matter of Starfire losing her powers. This was probably due to the leech. Season 3 will have her figuing out why she lost them. Then she’ll try to get them back. Her investigation will lead her to her sister, and an attempt at stopping the invasion.

The Underworld

As Rachel continues her attempt to resurrect Wonder Girl, she adds another soul search. Her new mission will be for Jason’s soul. With her father’s help, she’ll travel to the underworld. She probably won’t find Jason’s soul. But she will find Donna’s. And in one of the last episodes, Raven will finally resurrect Wonder Girl. But to keep Conor Leslie in the cast, there’ll be more flashbacks. Maybe we’ll even see flashbacks with Aqualad. It was a shame he was killed off so quickly.

…And the Rest

I’m not sure what they’ll do with Nightwing, Hawk & Dove, Superboy, and Beast Boy.

Nightwing will probably continue leading the team.

Hawk and Dove will most likely continue working on their relationship. At the Season 2 finale, Dawn said they weren’t getting back together. But Hank asked about Hawk & Dove. So for the majority of the season, they’ll fight together, but won’t be together.

Superboy will surely continue his search for Superman and Lex. But not without Krypto at his side.

And Beast Boy will finally learn some more animal forms. I thought he finally moved on from the tiger in the first episode of Season 2. He morphed into a snake to help defeat Trigon. But for the rest of the season, he was still that damn tiger.

I’m not sure if Season 3 has a release date yet. But going by the past, we’ll probably have to wait another year. So in the Fall of 2020, we’ll have to check back with this article to see if any of my predictions came true.