SWING VOL 2 – When Fun gets Complicated.

SWING VOL 2 - When Fun gets Complicated. 1
Hot and Steamy

So. This is going to require some explanation so bear with me. “Swinging”, as it is known, is an alternative life style where couples (or single people) essentially engage in poly-amorous sex. Poly refers to multiple people, and if I have to explain what sex is then you are in the wrong article Im afraid.

Regardless, that is the bread and butter of what these series explores. It exists within the same universe as the graphic novel series Sunstone, which if you know what that is about then you are pretty much up to speed on what this will entail. If not, Sunstone is a pet project turn series by Stjepan Sejic about two women exploring a BDSM centered relationship together. A very quick and dirty explanation if there ever was one. If you would like to know more, I encourage you to seek it out for yourself!

But back to Swing. To explain this volume, we will to a short recap of what happened previously.

What Happened Previously

SWING VOL 2 - When Fun gets Complicated. 2
Our dynamic duo

Meet Cathy and Dan, out protagonist couple. What you see is basically what you get when it comes to them starting out in volume 1. Like most young people, they get together, have a ton of sex, in which young Cathy here gets pregnant. Rather than jump ship like a coward, Dan mans up to his responsibilities and asks for Cathy’s hand in marriage. They do so, have another child, and end up in a pretty stable relationship for years.

So, where might the issue be? Well, Cathy has only ever had one relationship in her life. That being the one she is currently in. And while she does love him, her life, her children, it is shown in the first volume that she is starting to feel frustrated. Lack of sex, lack of affection, brought on by duties and responsibility, made it feel as if her life was in some way lackluster. That then is what led her to the idea of getting into the Swinger lifestyle.

Dan wasn’t onboard in the beginning, at all. While he has had multiple partners over the years, he is very much a monogamous sort of individual. Thus as you can imagine the first attempt at Swinging went rather poorly. Yet Cathy didn’t give up, and instead to have a more personal experience together with a friend of hers.

So, with all that being said, how are things now?

The State of Things

SWING VOL 2 - When Fun gets Complicated. 3
Pretty well, all things considered

Yep. Once he got comfortable with the notion, our starry eyed couple began to get a bit more experimental. I will be upfront about this: There is a LOT of sex in this volume. F/F, M/F, M/F/F. So if that is your type of entertainment this volume has you covered in spades.

However, that isn’t to say that that is ALL the volume offers. There is a running theme that is prevalent throughout the volume which all boils down to a single panel.

SWING VOL 2 - When Fun gets Complicated. 4
The Main source of Conflict

Now I know what the caption says and I want to clarify. When I say “Conflict”, I dont actually mean its something they fight over. No, in fact both of our main protagonists agree to this as a means of making sure they are both comfortable going forward. What I mean is that this panel is referenced a ton in the volume. Each new couple they meet, each interaction they have, all comes back here to ensure the best experience possible.

Yet that isn’t always the case. Despite the many positive interactions they have together, there are key moments where things aren’t quite so positive.

Rated Y for “Yikes”

SWING VOL 2 - When Fun gets Complicated. 5
Oh dear.
SWING VOL 2 - When Fun gets Complicated. 6

This sequence is beautifully written I have to say. While we the audience know nothing was happening, we can clearly see how it would look to Dan when returning from the restroom. Further pages have them tussling it out over this interaction, though they eventually do make up after weeks have passed.

While it is handled gently, jealousy is often a key factor in why couples fall apart normally. I can only imagine how it would be when being a part of a Swinger culture. Yet this will not be the only time this will rear its head within this volume. Why, in just a few issues later…

SWING VOL 2 - When Fun gets Complicated. 7
Good for you Dan
SWING VOL 2 - When Fun gets Complicated. 8

And that is, essentially, where volume 2 ends. Cathy choosing not to mention an interaction she had with a Swinger at her job. Also feeling that twinge of jealously for an interaction she was not involved in, despite nothing happening with that interaction.

The Summation

What is next for our protagonists? I can’t be entirely sure really. Slice of life, romance, and the like aren’t my typical cup of tea for media. However, the exploration of BDSM topics has been a hobby of mine for years so this to me is quite fascinating. I hope it has been interesting for those reading here as well! Its a fun, healthy way of exploring one’s thoughts and opinions on sexual life styles. Which, quite frankly, is a topic we should feel more comfortable exploring. Rest assured, I will definitely be keeping my eye on this series as it develops. And I would hope you continue to explore it with me!

You can pick up your copy of Swing directly from Top Cow, Comixology or your local comic book store.