STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 1

Which are the Best Comic Book Releases of 2019? Our Staff weigh in!

To say it’s been a busy year in Comic Book world is severly understating the truth. 2019 saw its highs and lows in the comic book industry. It saw industry giants like Ernie Colon (DC/Marvel/Harvey Comics) pass away whilst well known Comic Book journalists like Tom Spurgeon passed on to Otherworld.

But while there have been tremendous amounts of losses, we here at Soda and Telepaths felt it important weigh in on the triumps of 2019. As we look back on 2019 at the Comic Book issues that made us laugh and made us cry.

Here are 2 favourites from each of our Writers (1 Major Release and 1 Minor Release).


Tyson Yurai, Contributor

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 2

Major Title: House of X #5
Publisher: Marvel

“My love for the X-Men is almost as big as my love for comics in general. When Jonathan Hickman began writing the House/Powers books, I was afraid of what it would mean for my favorite team, but amazingly he pulled it together. House of X #5 is the culmination of the ideals of a new mutant utopia and the first stepping stone on the way to a grand new era for my favorite team in all of Comics. Pepe Larraz’s art, Marte Gracia’s colors and Hickman’s script all comes together to make this absolutely PERFECT book and genuinely has me excited for everything that’s come in the months since.”

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 3

Minor Title: Black Hammer: Age of Doom #12
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

“Black Hammer has always been amazing at subversion. The mystery of the series and how it went in the opposite directions of where a reader thought it would has always been its biggest strength and the final issue of the series proves that. Lemire could have gone the route of a huge universal battle, but that wouldn’t have matched the themes that it’s presented thus far. Having the series end the way that it did brought closure and a warmth that I just didn’t expect. It was beautiful. I think everyone should read Black Hammer because of it and everything that comes before.”

Daniel Brizuela, Contributor

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 4

Major Title: Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Crisis in a Half Shell #6
Publisher: IDW Comics

“The epic finale to the entire crossover trilogy sees the Bat Family and the Turtles and their allies on one final fight against Krang. Writing and artwork are well done and the dramatic and emotional moments really stick with you. While not answering some questions the previous issues raised, what was answered is just enough to leave you satisfied.”

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 5

Minor Title: Strange Skies Over East Berlin #2
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

“A great mixture of tension and paranoia that creates a perfectly haunting story. The writing and artwork are perfect at making you feel uneasy while also scaring you as you go though each page and panel. Being the best comic of 2019 is no easy task, but the second issue manages to do so thanks to well written characters and a very original story.”

Erik Hirscher, Contributor

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 6

Major Title: Absolute Carnage #1
Publisher: Marvel

“I will be candid that a lot of what I read in 2019 were independently owned comics. Of the mainstream I did read, I have to say Absolute Carnage was the biggest stand out. It has been awhile since I dipped my toes into the Spidey universe. Heck, its been even longer since I’ve seen Carnage in the main villain role. But to see how the two have evolved and just how visceral the art was for the comic. I was enthralled from page to page!”

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 7

Minor Title: Swing – Volume 1
Publisher: Top Cow

“For my Independent release of 2019, I would have to say my favorite is Swing from Top Cow. The universe it is involved in is one that I have kept tabs on for years. So to see this new corner of is explored in a healthy, safe, and very educational way with a little spice of drama is a infinitely pleasurable experience. I can’t wait for more!”

Allen Lyons, Assistant Editor and Writer

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 8

Major Title: Immortal Hulk #9
Publisher: Marvel

“The appeal of Hulk is more than just a Jekyl and Hyde story. Bruce had multiple personality disorder even before he was blasted with Gamma rays. The Gamma just brought those personalities out. Therefore, there are more than just one Hulk within Bruce’s body. And Immortal Hulk showcases these Hulks quite well. But the main Hulk of this story is Devil Hulk.”

“Where there was the Grey Hulk, a.k.a Joe Fixit, from Peter David’s run, Joe returns for Immortal Hulk. But he’s different this time. Joe is no longer a Hulk. Now, he’s another version of Bruce. This double-shipped story has involved Hulk and his supporting cast going to Hell and back. Thus, while dealing with General Fortean and his Shadow Base. And that’s just writer, Al Ewing’s plot. We can’t forget about the art from Joe Bennet, guest artists like Kyle Hotz, and gorgeous covers from Alex Ross.”

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 9

Minor Title: Lady Mechanika – Sangre No. 1
Publisher: Joe Benitez

Lady Mechanika is an independent comic produced by Joe Benitez and a must have for any steampunk enthusiast. The title character is a cyborg who investigates supernatural mysteries. Lady Mechanika is released in incriments. And the latest incriment is called Sangre. Even though the book is set in turn of the century Europe, Sangre deals with bigotry issues we contend with today. Oh yeah, and there are vampires. Creator, Benitez, usually handles the art duties. His work has been nothing short of stellar just like Brian Ching’s pencils on Sangre.”

Anthony Pollock, Editor and Owner

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 10

Major Title: Uncanny X-Men #20
Publisher: Marvel

“The biggest mistake Marvel made this year is discontinuing their Mutants meets dystopian nightmare storyline. A world where Cyclops was finally alive again in a world with few mutants left. A world devastated by human fear. This particular run of books went next level in issue #20 when Dark Beast bio-engineered a virus (disguised as a vaccine) to attack the mutant gene. Forcing children into comas at the unwilling behest of their parents. Brutal, right? Bring back Dark Beast!!”

STAFF PICKS: Best Comic Book Releases of 2019 11

Minor Title: Milky #1
Publisher: Joshua Saxon & Gian Fernando

“There are few releases, Major publisher or otherwise, that evoke a sense of fun and danger whilst tapping into the facets of Science Fiction that I absolutely love. It’s an independent comic book series that’s just as much about alien invasion and cannibalism as it is about love and diversity. Real people with ordinary day jobs caught in an alien invasion… if that same alien invasion force looked like overgrown space dinosaurs!? Love, love, love it!”