SECOND ISSUE OF TMNT / POWER RANGERS SELLS OUT = More Bloody Variant Covers on the Way! 1

Second Issue about Teens in Helmets meeting Teens in Half Shells – Sells out!

Local comic book company and purveyors of just about everything Intellectual Property, BOOM! Studios, have announced that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 – has sold out during the week of release!

In response to this misbegotten miracle, BOOM! Studios have put a rush on a second printing – meaning we’re all supposed to give a shit. This can only mean that eBay resellers (fans) can expect some Variant copies on the way.

More bloody TMNT / Power Rangers Variants

A brand new cover featuring none other than Shredder holding a broken Yellow Power Ranger Helmet. Yay! More helmets.

Filip Sablik, President, Sales and Marketing at BOOM! Studios gave us the following update:

The action and excitement continues to build as Shredder enters the scene and proceeds to blow up everyone’s plans with his own surprise—he’s gotten hold of a power that’ll change the playing field entirely.

For everyone who thought the first issue started with a bang, we’re upping the stakes in a big way with this issue. Don’t miss this special fast-tracked second printing and find out what happens when you’ve got two teams of butt-kicking teens up against a whole clan of ninjas and their merciless leaders!

And while all the mouth breathing fanboys have their money on the TMNT and Power Rangers.

Me personally? I’ve got my money on The Shredder!